As I write this, it’s snowing outside pretty heavily. The most snow I think I’ve ever seen fall during my time logged in at Park City. I’ve got windows all around me, so I’m surrounded by this gorgeous white mess. It just makes me wanna…pee. And eat Otter Pops. Not at the same time.
Gotta say, the trip’s been going really smoothly thus far. The team is all here and credentialed. Sundance was totally cool with hooking up press passes for our crew, so props to them on that one. And the entire staff in the press office is fuckin’ awesome! Actually, all of the Sundance volunteers are totally cool. Wish I could say the same about Slamdance, where our simple request to get into their opening night party was denied, despite the coverage we’re doing of many of the films playing there this year. Actually, Mark and I were offered entrance, but only for a very short period of time so we could shoot some video footage. We did not take them up on their measly offer. In fact, I found it to be offensive. Oh well, sure would’ve been nice to hang out with some of the filmmakers.

We had fun last night anyway! Hit Main Street and got plenty of video footage of the evening’s craptacular events and they’ll be hitting the site shortly.

Got about four hours of sleep last night after being up for nearly 48 hours straight. Can’t say that the four hours was enough. But I made it to my 9:00am screening anyway. First in line actually. What a fuckin’ boyscout. Boyscout with a hangover. Before being admitted to the theater, though, I had to show some dude where the back of the line was. It’s not that this obnoxious fucker decided to just jump right to the front of the line, which admittedly at the time was only about five or six people, but it was that he decided to stand directly in front of me with his back towards me. Nuh uh. Homey don’t play that shit. So I had to flush that turd to the back of the line. A lot of people suck the big one.
Anyway, the movie was cool. “Off the Black.” Watched Nick Nolte mumble and grumble his way through the entire 90 minutes, looking like he probably smelled like farts and toe cheese the entire time. Now THAT’s Entertainment! Nolte rules!!!

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