Welcome to the first Film Threat Hate Mail Blog Entry! While Hate Mail is nothing new to Film Threat, finding its roots in the letters section of the original print magazine and residing as its own section in Back Talk, here at the Film Threat Blogs it is an entirely new entity.

The bulk of our daily email correspondence deals with folks wanting to get reviews for their films, wondering when their films will get reviewed and wondering how to speed up the process of the former topics. Seldom, nowadays, do we get legitimate Hate Mail. That has changed, however, as the ever-popular Frigid 50: The Coldest People in Hollywood 2006 brought out the haters. So here you go, the latest and greatest Hate Mail to Film Threat:

From: Jon Taylor

Yea I liked how you guys made mel gibson number one. lol and I also bet you guys are all a bunch of jews running this website. That’s nice, since I read that retarded article you wrote that’s the last time I come to this website versus all the other sites that I can bookmark and go to. I had your link posted on my site of 2 million visitors a day and now I’m taking it off. Your guys are so childish.

It’s moments like this that I wish I was Jewish so I could just go “uh, yeah, and…”

From: Larry Nelson

You need to get a life. Mel Gibson was drunk. Who cares. I’ll watch him and his movies in a heartbeat. He’s a great actor!!!

Yes, he was drunk. And driving. Last I checked, regardless of whatever hateful bile he spewed, that’s a pretty bad thing itself. Why didn’t MADD get pissed about this anyway?

From: Roman Polanski

Jebem vam mater, zikice. Ako ne budem ja onda ce to neko drugi budite sigurni, pas vam mater jedan dva Now you can look for some jer like you who can translate this zikice go to hell

Um… I think this is Hate Mail, because of the whole “go to hell” part but the rest… anyone care to take a stab at translating? Oh, and Mr. Polanski, call me next time you’re in the States, we’ll get a burger…

From: Alan Marble

Just thought you should know in case you don’t… I found about you and your ratings from NewsMax, commenting on Mel Gibson. Otherwise….never heard of you. For many years, I have no longer cared ANYTHING about Hollywierd, the current movie business nor anyone in it. Haven’t seen a movie in a theater in over a year and don’t plan to. Don’t watch the Emeys, the Academy Awards nor anything related. Don’t care! With very few exceptions…there is Nothing there. Empty, Void. In other words: You, your ratings, the people you rate, Hollywood movies, the whole mess…are not relevant to the real world. What they think, say, do is of no value. (Except for subject matter in a college psychiatry course) What used to be is no longer. Good luck and good bye to a sick place.

Don’t care? That makes two of us…

There you have it, the fresh crop of Hate, for you to read and enjoy. Comment below if the feeling moves you, and you can always send your own Hate Mail through our Support form.

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9 Comments on "FILM THREAT HATE MAIL (11/20/06)"

  1. Felix Vasquez Jr. on Mon, 20th Nov 2006 9:06 am 

    Mark, wonderful idea!

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  2. Teodor Iliev on Mon, 20th Nov 2006 10:31 am 

    Hey, you fagets that have invented this shit and put one of the greatest actors and directors of our time on first place. I wanna tell you,you are a bunch of lizards so close to the ground,that you are unable to recognize one great actor. You are so small and miserable that you can only critisize, and this is very easy. You can not invent and create,you can only find the cracks,and tell me is there are person who doesn’t have cracks- NO. But you are so tiny little busterds,that you see only cracks, your horizon is so narrow that only the cracks are visible for you,not the whole wall. The whole massive great wall that stands for Mel Gibson. And remember,the cracks want ruin it cause they are too small, small as you are.

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  3. Mark Bell on Mon, 20th Nov 2006 10:49 am 

    Bunch of lizards!?!


    *stumbles drunk out of the room mumbling “break on through, to the other siiiiiiiiiiide”*

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  4. Mike on Mon, 20th Nov 2006 12:58 pm 

    I think it’s spelled “faggots” you stupid piece of shit. Get your homophobic slurs spell-checked.

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  5. Mike on Mon, 20th Nov 2006 12:59 pm 

    And I bet you if Mel Gibson was black and he called us “crackers” none of these motherfuckers would have any beef.

    Wonderful times we live in my friend.

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  6. Felix Vasquez Jr. on Mon, 20th Nov 2006 4:15 pm 

    Criticize, asshole, not critisize.

    small as you are.

    Have you been talking to my girlfriend? Because the bitch is lying.

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  7. Susan on Wed, 22nd Nov 2006 12:03 pm 

    You know what? I didn’t know you even existed. I don’t know if Mel has heard of you, but I am sure he couldn’t care less. I also want to know if the world would care if you got drunk and said things you shouldn’t. He also did public service ads for the sheriff’s department pertaining to drinking and driving. I would say that this man is only under attack by souless people.

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  8. Mark Bell on Wed, 22nd Nov 2006 1:49 pm 

    So, our opinion is invalid because Susan didn’t know we existed? Or because Mel doesn’t care?

    Yes, Mel did PSA’s on drunk driving, but he also drove drunk. I think, based on what he said, what he did, that he deserves a bit of criticism. Only under attack by souless people? Beyond being a great actor and director, what has he done to deserve to be beyond reproachment for wrongs committed?

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  9. Felix Vasquez Jr. on Wed, 22nd Nov 2006 10:45 pm 

    Beyond being a great actor and director, what has he done to deserve to be beyond reproachment for wrongs committed?

    He has an assload of kids, made a very violent movie and got away with it, and he has a neato castle!!

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