Turkey comas, the holidays, and a new move have gotten the best of me, but this investigation is now back on track.

Tagruato is destroying our oceans.

Perhaps in search of this magic ingredient found in their wax, and Slusho drinks?

What was once a very suspicious corporate website featuring propaganda and news is now covered with a large picture of a shadowy figure looking down at a combination of sea creatures.

Spooky, and yet indicative of what is to come with “Cloverfield.”

More updates on the way…

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  1. Drew88101 on Mon, 26th Nov 2007 2:17 pm 

    There is the jellyfish in the top right what looks like an octopus, and UGLY fish, and of course the infamous Crab makes an appearance. (anyone noticing a CRAB is in almost everything)

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  2. Felix Vasquez Jr. on Mon, 26th Nov 2007 8:52 pm 

    I do, it’s peculiar, isn’t it? I’m still in the belief that this beast is a hybrid of some kind, or that the sea creatures are just symbolic of its sea origins.

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  3. Drew88101 on Tue, 11th Dec 2007 3:20 pm 

    with the new appearance of tidowave.com, looks like i was right (i think i posted a comment on another blog) the “so called hack” was just another step in the viral campaign regarding the movie. Is it a bit weird that Tagruato History Fun Fact #42 has to do with the drilling on the island of honshu MUCH where in Slusho.jp history section Noriku yoshida lived on or near honshu where her drinks were loved by all around that area?

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  4. Drew88101 on Tue, 11th Dec 2007 3:23 pm 

    I also noticed that there were 2 things that were being mentioned #1 a hump back whale, and #2 a Sea anemenoe (spelling?) it’s starting to get real interesting.

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