Black and White, Neo Noir, Pulp Comic Book Movie? My ass is planted on that uncomfortable folding leather seat with the sticky cup rests come 2009. Stow the “Untouchables” score, though.


Posted on April 22, 2008 in Blogs by

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6 Comments on "MY CITY SCREAMS…"

  1. Michael Ferraro on Wed, 23rd Apr 2008 6:42 am 

    I love Frank Miller, and everything related to him (except RoboCop 3, though the comic he made ruled), but while The Spirit looks good, it lacks the pull that 300 and Sin City trailers gripped me with.

    Regardless, I will be there opening day.

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  2. Felix Vasquez Jr. on Wed, 23rd Apr 2008 7:06 am 

    I love this type of stuff, so I’m there opening day. Neo Noir and pulp heroes are incredible to me. I think it needs some time before it can gain momentum, personally. I don’t always agree with Miller’s points of view, but I think this can be a great movie.

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  3. Nathaniel on Wed, 23rd Apr 2008 11:16 am 

    I think I’ll pass. While I enjoyed Sin City more than I thought I would, I didn’t care for 300 and this trailer just didn’t do anything for me.

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  4. Pete on Wed, 23rd Apr 2008 9:05 pm 

    Jesus fucking christ. The Spirit wasn’t just “created by Will Eisner;” he wrote the comic for 40 years. I haven’t been following this production – mostly out of creeping dread – but are Lionsgate and Miller really presenting this as a de facto sequel to “Sin City?”

    And where is P’Gell?

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  5. paul krik on Thu, 1st May 2008 4:16 pm 

    this movie looks like a cheap rip off of sin city but i could be wrong. i mean someone could watch this trailer and think Able Danger is a documentary…

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  6. MikeWatt on Tue, 13th May 2008 3:07 pm 

    What did he do? What the hell did he do?? The Spirit isn’t a brooding, prowling, leaping … ah hell. I was afraid of this… Calm yourself. It’ll be fine. Frank can’t kill The Spirit. Eisner’s ghost can kill Miller, though…

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