Renee Zellweger — “She won’t answer your questions. She starts asking you questions. If you ask her something, she cocks her head and says, ‘You know, what I’m really interested in is you.’ It’s her evasive tactic.”

Melanie Griffith — “I had 90 minutes with her, and usually, you’d want a little more time with an subject. But after an hour, I was absolutely desperate to leave.”

Lucy Liu — “Getting anything interesting from her is like getting blood from a stone, but she breaks a sweat trying.”

Kim Basinger — “She’s kind of strangely paranoid and when you ask her anything, even the most innocuous question, she looks startled and says, ‘Why do you want to know that?'”

Tom Cruise — “Super guarded and very controlling. But at least he has a pleasant, sincere expression and makes you feel like you’re bonding while he tells you nothing.”

Meg Ryan — “The only ‘honest’ thing you get from her is when she starts railing against the tabloids. The only good quotes she gave me were things like, ‘When did it become OK to write lies about other people?'”

Harrison Ford — “He’ll give you a monosyllabic answer and not care. Harrison tolerates silences. He’ll answer a question with ‘Yep’ or ‘Nope’ or ‘I don’t know’ and let you twist in the wind. That’s his distinctive form of torture.”

Beyonce Knowles — “She’s really a lovely person, but she doesn’t speak in complete sentences. Everything she says is disjointed. I think it’s just because she’s so young, but her conversation is all about hand gestures and ‘ya knows’ and ‘likes,’ and because of that, you can’t put together a coherent quote from her.”

Michelle Pfeiffer — “She’s so guarded, she doesn’t say anything. You feel incredibly grateful if she reveals to you what she had for breakfast that morning.”

George Clooney — “During the interview, I was so excited because he seemed so forthcoming and disarming. Then I got home and listened to my tape, and realized he hadn’t really said a thing. He totally outsmarted me into thinking he was really opening up to me, but he didn’t reveal a thing.”

Britney Spears — “I asked her what she thought of ‘Lolita.’ She said, ‘Huh? What’s that?’ I told her: ‘It’s a book.’ She looked confused. I explained the plot and the premise, and she said, ‘Eeeeewww! See, I don’t like that!'”

(OK, I know that’s 11, but I couldn’t bear to leave any of them out.)

Britney Spears has never heard of Lolita? Either Britney makes Kim Basinger look like a rocket scientist, or she’s pulling our leg and she is one shrewd cookie.

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