Salamoff and crew began the five-hour shooting day with a few set-up shots before Julie Strain, standing six-foot-eight in blood-crusted wig and heels, appeared in the doorway of the makeshift backroom of a stripclub…actually, the games room of S.O.T.A. F/X. Towering above everyone, the statuesque actress remained quiet (tired more than likely from the 12-hour shoot the day before where she slaughtered a whole slew of people, including the members of the band New Found Glory) until it was time for action and then she jumped into Salamoff’s lap, riding him and thrashing about, ripping his shirt open and flinging buttons all over the room. This scenario went on for a good hour or so, so I figured it was about time to check out the studio and this is when I found a few of the S.O.T.A. guys preparing the raggedy corpse that Salamoff’s character would ultimately become. Fun with blood!
Before long, Paul came back into the studio where he slipped into a chest prosthetic that would be filled with guts and a rib cage for Julie to yank out. While a couple guys helped Paul out with his innards, there was somebody else preparing the tanks of blood that guaranteed things were about to get messy. Back in the games room, cameras were being blanketed with plastic and lenses were being shielded by clear glass. Okay…really messy.
Action again, but this time, when Julie ripped Paul’s shirt open, she dug into his chest and pulled out his insides as he kicked and screamed (an impressive scream at that), blood pumping from the tanks and out hoses rigged behind Paul and up into his lap. The first bloody take was all right, but the second one was the charm, with blood flying everywhere. Anyone standing in the room got at least a little bit on them, except Paul and Julie of course, because they were absolutely drenched. The bloody corpse was finally brought in for Julie to perform her very last shot before her job was done and then she jumped into her car and drove home, blood and all. What a trooper!
Surveying the aftermath, Paul couldn’t be happier. He’s worked on many bigger budget productions and has handled some pretty sophisticated effects work, but even the smallest effects shots, when done right, can bring a smile to his face. Of course, much of his merriment comes from being so proud of his crew who kept the shoot running smoothly and right on schedule. I gotta admit, I was grinning like an idiot too…it’s hard not to when you’re talking to someone dressed only in swimming trunks and coated in gore. Be on the lookout for “Tales from the Crapper,” hopefully this summer.
Thanks to Paul Salamoff and crew for letting us invade their set.

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