“A Place of Our Own” (world premiere) ^ “A Place of Our Own” is a rare inside look at the values and culture of the Black upper middle class as it explores the summer resort community of Oak Bluffs. ^ DIRECTOR: Stanley Nelson

“Born Into Brothels” (world premiere) ^ In the underworld of Calcutta’s red light district, the children of prostitutes embark on a transformational journey with photographer Zana Briski, who teaches them to document their own lives. ^ DIRECTOR: Ross Kaufman, Zana Briski

“Chisholm ’72: Spread the Word” (world premiere) ^ Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm made a bid for the U.S. presidency in 1972. Shunned by the political establishment, her campaign trail adventures were frenzied, fierce and fundamentally right on! ^ DIRECTOR: Shola Lynch

“Dig” (world premiere) ^ This is the story of two revolutionary rock n roll bands, The Dandy Warhols and the Brian Jonestown Massacre. One rises to success, the other is driven towards obsession and self-destruction. ^ DIRECTOR: Ondi Timoner

“Farmingville” (North American permiere) ^ The hate-based attempted murder of two Mexican day laborers catapults the Long Island town of Farmingville into national headlines, unmasking a new front line of the border wars – suburbia. ^ DIRECTOR: Catherine Tambini, Carlos Sandoval

“The Fight” (world premiere) ^ The interweaving stories of two heavyweight boxers, one American – Joe Louse, and one German – Max Schmeling, on the eve of World War II, in one of the most famous boxing matches ever held. ^ DIRECTOR: Barak Goodman

“Heir to an Execution” (world premiere) ^ In 1953, Ethel and Julius Rosenberg were executed by the U.S. government. Fifty years later, their granddaughter reveals startling new discoveries about who the Rosenbergs really were. ^ DIRECTOR: Ivy Meeropol

“Home of the Brave” (world premiere) ^ A blue collar American family struggles with the unresolved death of their mother, Viola Liuzzo- the only white woman murdered in the civil rights movement. ^ DIRECTOR: Paola di Florio

“I Like Killing Flies” (world premiere) ^ Shopsin’s, an eccentric family-run restaurant in New York’s Greenwich Village, provides a backdrop for philosophical ruminations, community bonding, and exceptional cooking. ^ DIRECTOR: Matt Mahurin

“Imelda” (North American premiere) ^ “Imelda” is a film about former Philippine First Lady Imelda Marcos and the intersection of personal and public power, myth, and illusion. ^ DIRECTOR: Ramona S. Diaz

“In the Realms of the Unreal” (world premiere) ^ An exploration into the life and work of Henry Darger, reclusive janitor by day, visionary artist by night, whose 15,000 page novel details the exploits of seven angelic sisters engaged in a holy war. ^ DIRECTOR: Jessica Yu

“Life After Death Row” (world permiere) ^ “Life After Death Row” is a gripping documentary about two landmark events that resulted in the suspension of the death penalty in America, and the inmates who were granted a second chance at life. ^ DIRECTOR: Kate Chevingy, Kirsten Johnson

“Neverland: The Rise and Fall of the Symbionese Liberation Army” (world premiere) ^ An unprecedented account of America’s most notorious and flamboyant domestic terrorist group and their infamous 1974 kidnapping of newspaper heiress Patty Hearst. ^ DIRECTOR: Robert Stone

“Persons of Interest” (world premiere) ^ The U.S. Government’s War On Terrorism subjected Muslim Americans to arbitrary arrest, secret detention, and solitary confinement. This film allows the victims to tell their own stories. ^ DIRECTOR: Alison Maclean, Tobias Perse

“Super Size Me” (world premiere) ^
Why are Americans so fat? “Super Size Me” is a tongue-in-cheek – and burger in hand – look at the legal, financial and physical costs of America’s hunger for fast food. ^ DIRECTOR: Morgan Spurlock

“Word Wars” (world premiere) ^ For these players, Scrabble is more than a domestic nicety – it’s an obsession. “Word Wars” follows the upper-echelon players who have configured their lives around the pursuit of Scrabble fame. ^ DIRECTOR: Julian Petrillo
For more info, visit the Sundance website.

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