So, you didn’t really plan on being a sexy star of low-budget movies. What happened? ^ Well, I’ve always been a sexual person and it came naturally that my first jobs onscreen were for Playboy. Although I really didn’t think I had the Playboy look–the mix of acting talent and oozing sexuality, and being comfortable on camera with clothes off–lead to a career.
As you say, you’ve been in a lot of those “late night Skinemax” movies. What’s it like being a B-movie queen? ^ I love it. I love being recognized as “the girl from those movies I like to watch.”
What’s the worst? ^ Dealing with divas who think they are hot shit. I just don’t have a lot of patience for egos.
Do you enjoy doing the softcore sex stuff. Or is it just a job? ^ I actually like it a lot. I get to express my sexuality in a safe environment. And I love the idea of people watching me and getting off on it.
What do you think of the people who say all this stuff is degrading to women, etc…? ^ Well, I personally don’t find it degrading. I get a lot of fan mail from women who love that I do this stuff. They can relate to me being normal-looking, not big, fake boobs or too skinny and such. They thank me for showing them they too can be a sex queen, a goddess, a powerful woman in the bedroom. If you find it degrading, don’t watch–it is empowering for many. I have never been harassed on the set of a sexy movie more than some young stud who got a little too excited and tried to cop feels after “cut.”–nothing I couldn’t handle. But I have been expected to “give it up” in the “A” movie arena. Go figure.
Is there a lot of cash to be made doing this gig? ^ Not really. There are barely any union movies made these days. Many of my films I still get residuals for, but they pay little in comparison to movie stars like Julia Roberts.
You have a role in an upcoming PBS series “Madison Heights.” Can you tell us a bit about that? ^ I’m a recovering alcoholic mother of a ten year-old I haven’t seen since I was jailed for killing three people in a drunk driving accident. It’s about second chances and building back a relationship from scratch. It was heavy duty stuff, man. And being old enough to be the mother of a ten year-old was a shocker! But hey, it’s about time–I’m outgrowing the bikini roles. They were getting boring.
So, do you think you’ll be branching out into more serious roles now? ^ I have always been an actress even in bad movies. Yes, I will continue to grow and do other things. I have another non-nude role in the movie “Vegas!” this August. I think I will always thrive on the sexy, bad girl roles, though. It’s who I am and more fun to do.
Awhile back you were on “The Howard Stern Show.” How did that go? ^ Fabulous. We had a great time. He challenged me and I stood up to it–and we played and he spanked me. I got to bring on my girlfriend Taimie who is totally hot, and we had a blast.
You’re also on the Playboy TV show “Sexcetera”. What do you do for them? ^ I do twelve shows a year traveling the world doing deep throat…I mean deep cover reporting on everything “sex” from the erotic to the downright bizarre. I just returned from the Nudes A Popin Festival in Indiana. Ron Jeremy crowned me “Ms.Sexcetera” and I got naked with the crowd. I always bring a camera to do behind-the-scenes on the shoots for my sites, too.
What’s your message for America’s youth? ^ I really am not a role model for youth. I’ll tell them what I tell my four younger brothers and sisters: Be safe, wear a condom–don’t get pregnant. Don’t get anyone else pregnant. And follow your dreams. you make your own luck and nothing can keep you from being successful at what you love.
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