So before we even begin I have know, what is the deal with “Freddy Vs. Jason?” I thought that “Friday the 13th: Part 10″ was going to be the long-awaited battle, but when I read the synopsis for it I was disappointed to discover that it wasn’t. ^ Englund: Look at us! (Standing next to Hodder who’s at least a foot taller.) THIS is why we haven’t fought yet. (Laughs) Seriously though, the last I heard it was green-lighted and in development. Kane and I are eager to get started on it. I know that one of the reasons “Freddy and Jason” was postponed though is because New Line had to release “Jason X” first. Another reason though, I think, is because some of the effects that they originally planned on a year or two ago they couldn’t do until now.
Speaking of “Jason X,” I thought it was going to be released in time for Halloween but now it got pushed back and there are rumors that it may go straight-to-video. When can Jason fans look for his grand return, and will his return be on the big-screen or on home video? ^ Hodder: The last I heard, “Jason X” will be released in the spring and no, it’s not direct-to-video. It will go in theaters.
Now the “Boogeymen” DVD proudly informs viewers that Jason’s body count is 2 to 1 over the second greatest horror villain… ^ Englund: (Laughs) Yeah, he started with Kevin Bacon, so it’s really just six-degrees of killings.
So after killing so many campers, what was your favorite kill of all time? ^ Hodder: Now I can’t show you that one, but I have always said that my favorite kill was in part seven where I pull a girl out of a sleeping bag and slam her against a tree. It’s been my favorite for so long that in the new Friday the 13th we recreated that killing. But really I enjoy all the killings.
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