Do you have any good stories about someone being jerky to you on the set?
Yes. It was when I was an extra on some big movie with a big name director. I was at the craft service table and this big name director came over and said to the assistants “hey what are these extras doing over here”. He actually meant it to be funny but until I knew it was meant to be funny he sure seemed to be a jerk. Well…. later that day in filming he did turn out to be a real jerk, he was “very” mean and rude to his crew but they all just accepted it and did not seem to care as he was known to be this way… just a big, bad, mean, nasty, bully. Wish I could remember his name…

Is that kind of stuff common with big name talent?
Nah, most of the big name talent I have seen in action are pretty cool. I bet that guy was like that before he was famous, but it was probably intensified since he was now famous and the leader of the show.

What’s the wildest thing you’ve ever done in a movie?
The first time I kissed a girl was pretty wild for me! Although this is not that wild to the viewing public, I must say to anyone who has not had a bi-sexual experience: Just imagine that tomorrow when you go to work your job for the day will be pretending to make out with one of your same sex co-workers. Now add the fact that this is a brand new employee you have never met, and–for good measure–throw in that both you and they are married. Now add the fact that you will do this naked in front of all of your other co-workers of whom half are also new hires. And now you know how that day was for me, unless you are a regular at hedonism that is. (laughs)

So, did it end up being an okay experience?
Yes, it turns out after the fact to be just another day at work in the long run. That was until I was booked for a girl-girl shoot with a friend, then there was the discomfort all over again. But that is the great thing about acting: you always get to experience something new!

What sorts of roles would you really like to tackle?
More comedy!

What have you learned from working in showbiz?
How to put myself “out there.” I am by nature a quiet and private person. Going into acting was a mission for my soul to learn to reach out and connect, get over my shyness and find a missing piece of my life that was squelched by my shyness.

What’s your message for America’s youth?
As a long timesmoker I just want to say – do not even ever try it once. Tobacco is very addictive, smelly, and hazardous to your health.

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