Is there a role or a film or a story that you want to tell? ^ Oh, I’ve got some stuff, but until it becomes a reality, there’s really no point in talking about it.
Let me ask you this question about where life has taken you. Back in the 70’s in Michigan, did you see yourself in this position today? ^ No one can ever see themselves that far in advance. It’s just impossible. We just wanted to be in the business, and of all the guys that hung out in high school, we’re all still working in the business. Sam Raimi just did Spider-Man. Scott Spiegel just did this 60’s cartoon character. He just did that for Miramax. John Cameron, another guy, produces all the Coen brothers movies now. Mike Ditch who always did all the photography – he did the cover of my book, and he lives in Los Angeles now. He’s still a photographer. My buddy Josh Becker just made a movie with credit cards, you know, he’s still doing the independent thing.
Of course you still work with Sam Raimi. Do you still work with a lot of the other guys? ^ Pretty often, yeah. I just did a little gag in a Coen brothers movie and my buddy produced that. So it was kind of neat to see. That was Josh Becker I worked with.
Do you have any advice for filmmakers in like Ohio and Michigan – where I am and where you came from? ^ Yeah, read my book. I’m not kidding. There’s more advice than I could ever give over the phone. The advice is “Be Proactive!” Don’t wait for someone to do something for you. If you’re a writer and you’ve got a script you want to do, become a producer and raise your own money to make your own movie. People always give me the weirdest looks, but what do you expect, man? You think everything’s going to happen for you? You know, they don’t make movies in Detroit, but we did one.
Actually, you did a lot. ^ Yeah, we did a lot. So, you can do it, but you can’t be lazy.
Now, obviously with the chin reference in the title of your book, you have some fun at your own expense, but you also take your job very seriously. How do you maintain that balance? ^ Oh well, look, I know what I’m about. I’m not Tom Cruise…I never will be…and thank goodness. And I’m sure he’s glad he’s not me. I make a good living as an actor. I take my job seriously ’cause I think people should concentrate when they work. Yet, I don’t take the fame side of it that seriously. I just think you’ve gotta be careful with that because not everyone is world famous. Not everyone is going to be world famous. And even if you are world famous, there’s still gonna be people who don’t know who you are, no matter what happens. So, it’s all very bizarre.
Is there anything else you’d like to add? ^ Yeah, there’s a lot of people who wonder what I’m up to, what I’m doing and when I’m ever coming to Kansas City again. All they’ve gotta do is go to the web site:
And it recently got a face-lift. ^ Yeah, and it will continue to get a face-lift as well. It’ll tell you where I’m appearing. It’ll tell you all kinds of stuff. And don’t trust any other source of information if you’re looking for stuff that relates to me.

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