Better known as Bridget the Midget – pornstar – Bridget Powerz had starred in something around 40 adult films before she decided she was done with the jizz biz and set out to make her mark elsewhere in the entertainment world. Since then, she’s taken on the role of a television host (“The Bridge”), a radio personality (Ed Powers’ Bedtime Stories), a wrestler, a singer in a punk rock band and has just recently landed roles in several feature films, including Matthew Bright’s “Tiptoes.”

Bridget’s a girl of many talents and she not only has her sites on being the sexiest midget in the world, but being one of our greatest entertainers as well.

Do you get approached a lot by crazed fans on the street? Do you have to beat ‘em off with a stick or are they cool?
Once in a while people get crazy, but mostly it’s when there is a group, a group quickly turns into a crowd, if you know what I mean! I usually travel with a hot chick bodyguard and sunglasses, but it doesn’t really work for me. I get recognized everywhere I go. Some people just kind of wink at me cause they know.

I know that dwarfs in general don’t like to be called midgets, yet you’ve gone by the title Bridget the Midget for years. Do you get hassled a lot for that?
Mostly it’s little people who get offended more than average stature persons. I’m sure LPA (Little People of America) is offended, not to mention most casting agencies. Midget is to dwarfism, like fat is to obesity. It’s all about what you’re comfortable with saying. Midget just seems like a term coined by Hollywood to me. Why would that be offensive? I’ve been called lots worse things. One time, a kid said, “Hey Mommy, is that kid fat?”

I hear that you make an appearance in Matthew Bright’s “Tiptoes.” How was that experience? Did you get to meet Gary Oldman?
It was a blast, I felt like I got star treatment. Gary Oldman was such a brilliant person to act with. I had a lead part for a female little person; I played Gary’s ex-girlfriend. Also, I did scenes with Kate Beckonsaile, Patricia Arquette, Matthew McConaughey, and not to mention hilarious scenes with David Allen Grier. It was great working with Matthew Bright and he will be my first choice as director for “Bridget The Midget, The Movie…”

What’s in the feature film future for you?
Well, I also just did a scene in a film directed by George Clooney called “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind.” It’s about Chuck Barris and the secret double life that he led. The movie is scheduled for release at the end of the year; looks like it will be my feature film debut. The scene was a party at the Playboy mansion. I got to play the hostess. Hopefully more parts will come for people like me, I love it when they just want me to be myself. Drama and comedy come naturally for me, I’ve lived a short, but crazy life so far.

I understand that you’re available for appearances at bachelor and birthday parties. Any stories of some of these occasions getting out of hand?
No, these parties are always very tame and always lots of fun. It seems like girlfriends and future wives don’t seem to be threatened by me. I have to keep some secrets you know.

You sing for a metal band called Blakkout, how’s that coming along?
Blakkout is more like punk-alternative rock. We play a lot locally around Los Angeles and Orange County and just recently started playing out of state. Currently, we are working with National Lampoon on a project for a TV pilot. Check our site for more info and show dates.

What’s the crowd reaction like at your shows?
I’m so little that people in the back can’t see, so they start to push the crowd forward and this does get out of hand sometimes. Once I open my mouth and the band plays, the crowd really gets into it.

Last question – would you like to see Randy Newman’s head on a plate?
I would love to do a punk version of “Short People!” That song kicks ass!

For more on Bridget Powerz, visit her official website.

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