You’re also, of course, an actress. How did you get into acting?
I discovered in high school that shyness is often mistaken for arrogance, or snobishness. I forced myself to take courses in public speaking and acting in college, and discovered that once I got over the shyness factor, it was something I really enjoyed…the acting that is, not the public speaking.

You’ve been in a bunch of low-budget films. What do you like about them?
They allow for people who are not big and famous to do some real acting. I hear a lot of people say that they dream of being an actor or actress, but then say they don’t “do” student or low-budget films anymore. Then they brag about being an extra in some big production and how they saw so-and-so, or this famous actor actually looked at them. I think that the idea of most extras is to look like everyday people…extras walk by, or sit on benches, or point at something interesting. They don’t really act. Don’t get me wrong, though, I think extra work is great for actors to get comfortable on a set, or if people just want to be around the whole movie making process and see famous people. But in low-budget movies, a lot more people can be the lead or supporting actors or actresses and put all their dreams and acting classes to work. There’s a lot less when it comes to the paycheck or to how many people will actually see the movie, but everything has a downside. Without a stroke of luck or a famous grandfather, someone may spend his or her whole life waiting for that lead role in a Hollywood feature and never get it. I don’t dream about being rich and famous. I’m a pretty private person and am very bad with money. I’d probably give it away or buy stupid things if I had too much to know what to do with. Plus, fame turns a lot of people into jerks, and I’m kind of a jerk enough already…there’s no sense in the risk of adding to that. The existence of low-budget movies has already allowed me to realize my dreams, which, for lack of a better word, rocks.

What inspires you as an actress?
My friends think it’s great, and though my parents weren’t keen on the idea at first, they have come around and are finally warming up to the idea. Did I just use the word “keen?” Wow. The parents wanted me to be a doctor. That’s all I will say about that. One friend in particular, who passed away a few years ago, unexpectedly encouraged me to pursue acting. He inspired me a great deal, and really believed in me. He was always really positive and never let anything bring him down. I miss him a lot, but think he’d be proud of what I have accomplished. I have some very supportive close friends, and a few people who’ve seen my website and write me letters. I think I am very fortunate to have that, and value it a great deal. As far as famous actors, my two favorites are Michelle Pfeiffer and Johnny Depp. The roles they choose vary like night and day, and neither of them are afraid to play very non-glamorous roles. I’ve never seen either of them give a bad performance, and I think they are models of what happens when talent and dedication are applied in heavy amounts. As far as non-famous actors, there are a bunch; I’ve made a page called “other actors” on my website dedicated to them.

You’ve been invited. So go ahead and check out Katharine’s website.

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