Did you enjoy Park City?
Yes, I did. A beautiful city…with breathtaking views of the Rockies. I stayed at a condo with Harvey Pekar and his family, and had a great time.

Catch any good flicks?
Yes I did…in addition to American Splendor (which got both high critical and audience acclaim…it even won the Grand Prize in the Dramatic category at Sundance)…I saw a Nodance film called “Outpatient” (which deals with a paranoid schizophrenic who is also a writer), and two Slamdunk films; “Zero Day” (which is about two high school students who plot a Columbine-style massacre at their school), and “Man of the Year” (which stars a dysfunctional John Ritter…much of that film takes place at a house party in which the character is honored…a lot of drinking, drug use, and sex is in this film as well.) I also saw a movie called “Dysfunktional Family”, which features comedian Eddie Griffin in his standup routine in Kansas City…his hometown. Didn’t care for it that much.

Does the “nerd” thing ever get old?
Yes, at times. After the MTV segments ended and the two “Killer Nerd” films were released (prior to Troma buying the rights and keeping them out of print for several years), I put the “Genuine Nerd” routine on the back burner, mainly because I wanted to go beyond being just a “nerd”. I always felt, once a nerd, always a nerd, but I felt that I was wearing out my welcome by continuously pushing it. By the time “Bride of Killer Nerd” was released in 1992, I wanted to give it a rest until the right time comes to bring it back…in this case, the American Splendor release.

Any chance of a return of “Killer Nerd”?
Wayne Harold (of and Tempe Video (which released my third film, Townies, and Wayne’s fourth film, “Aberration Boulevard”) are trying to buy the rights to the two “Killer Nerd” films back from Troma. The rights were sold to Troma around 1994 or so for next to nothing, and the films sat in Troma’s vault for several years until they were re-released around 2000. How sales of the Troma versions have gone so far I don’t know, but I’m glad that the movies are available through normal channels, even though Wayne and I probably won’t see a cent of profit for it. Wayne does plan to do a sequel called “Son Of Killer Nerd”, in which I will play a descendant of “Harold Kunkle”…again, depending on if he could get the rights from Troma. We don’t want to be sued.

Any backlash from being one of America’s nost notorious nerds?
None back then, none now. Sure, some critics gave bad reviews to the two “Killer Nerd” movies, but I have gotten much more positive than negative feedback from my MTV appearances back in the 1980s. People today still ask me about those appearances, although it’s been almost 12 years since I was last on MTV News. When people see American Splendor, there will be more people wondering, since one of the MTV spots appears in the film. Still, I’m proud to be a nerd, and most of the people who know me (either well or somewhat) respect me for my views on being a nerd.

Any obsessed fans bothering you online?
None so far.

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