I understand you’re also singing on the soundtrack to “Realms of Blood?”
I wrote these songs especially for the movie and really enjoyed writing and recording. It was such a creative process and I love to be creative. The titles of the songs to look for on the film and soundtrack are “Realms of Blood,” which will be featured in the trailer for the film and the opening credits, as well as the song “State of Being,” which will be heard in “The Cologne” segment of the movie “Realms of Blood.” Now that those are finished, I will be working with a local music producer, Scott Nelson. We will be collaborating together with writing and music to get together an album of pop/rock songs and record them in his studio. I look forward to working on this project with him, as he is a gifted songwriter and musician. He comes up with some very catchy cool tunes! We have already finished the first song titled “You Think” and it will be available on my site very soon. As well as working with him on the album, I am also going to be working with him on the song for my next project with Fear Film as the leading role in “The Wood’s Are Alive.” I will be playing a pop star type role and will be working on the song that will be used throughout the film. I will also be working on the choreography of the stage show that will be used in the film. I am very excited to be in the studio working on my future projects!

Are there many film-acting opportunities in South Florida? Have you auditioned for other films down there prior to this?
If you are looking for starring or supporting roles, you’ll find them in independent film and there are quite a lot of them going on down here. If you’re looking for union work, in Florida, they are very few and far between for main roles. The production usually comes down here to film the big movies and they usually just cast extras with maybe a possibility to upgrade to a speaking part. I had auditioned for Robert J. Massetti’s other film “Blackout.” I auditioned for the leading role, but did not snag that one! He did contact me later and let me know about future roles such as “Realms of Blood” and other films as well as commercials. I have found that this is how I get a lot of my film work, through recommendation with very little audition or none at all. I have been very fortunate in that way lately, but believe me, I have paid my dues with lots of rejections and auditions in the past and I know that I’ll probably go through a lot more in the future on my way up!

Are you a big fan of horror flicks? What sorts of movies do you enjoy?
Ever since I was age seven I have been so intrigued by horror movies. I would come home from school and turn on the tube and watch Nightmare on Elm Street. I remember this one time, in band camp! Just kidding. I remember this one time they had this marathon with all the “Nightmare on Elm Street” movies. Man, I was in heaven. My mom, of course, hated that I watched those movies, so when she’d walk in the room I’d turn the channel, but then when she’d leave the room I’d turn it right back to Freddy! I really enjoy the scare from a great horror movie, but have to say it runs a close second place to a great comedy or romantic comedy! I think some of the funniest movies I have seen lately would have to be Scary Movie, Not Another Teen Movie, and Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo! I have to throw in one of my all time favorite comedies of all time, “UHF,” starring Weird Al Yankovic and Kramer from “Seinfeld!” I think I have every line memorized from that movie! I can also sit back and enjoy a good romantic comedy like “My Best Friend’s Wedding,” “The Story of Us,” “Forget Paris,” “The Cutting Edge,” and “That Old Feeling,” starring Bette Midler. Those are my top choices for types of movies because, in my eyes, there is just something to be said for being scared shitless and laughing your ass off!

Do you want to do more B-movies?
I would love to do more B-movies! This is my first leading role in a film, and I have really been loving it! I love independent films and really respect what most of them do with such small budgets and even no budgets at all sometimes. I feel that this really makes the film better sometimes because most of the time nobody knows if they will ever see a dime, so you know it’s being done because they truly love the art of filmmaking and this makes everyone give 110 percent of themselves. When people love what they do, you can feel it on the set like a strong breeze and it just motivates everything! I am an avid moviegoer and I prefer a film that keeps me thinking even after I leave the theater. I respect those behind these types of films because I know it means that they took alot of thought into how it would affect their audience and I would love to be a part of any film that tried to do that. Well, speaking of being a part of a film, I just signed on for my next leading role with Fear Film’s “Woods are Alive.” It is a horror film being directed by Robert J. Massetti and was written by Tim Ritter. I will be co-starring with Jeff Dylan Graham from “Dead and Rotting” as well as another well-known B-movie actress, TBA! The script is great and the story is intense, one that will keep your heart racing and your hands over your eyes! It is set to start filming in spring 2003.

Get the rest of the interview in part four of SHEYENNE RIVERS: THRILLED TO DEATH>>>

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