What would people be surprised to learn about you?
Well, being that I just got finished saying how much I love horror flicks and that I’m starring in some of these films in the near future, I think people might be surprised to find out that I am THE BIGGEST WUS! I am afraid of my own shadow. It takes me days to recuperate from watching a scary movie! This is the reason my parents hated that I watched those movies because guess who would come running down the hall at 12AM? Yep, me! I am always the loudest scream in the theater and sometimes the only scream. In fact, when the movie is over, I get people that come up to me and tell me that I scared them more than the actual movie. Needless to say, when I watch these movies, I make sure to be with a friend and spend the night over their house. I told you I’m a total wus!

Who are your role models?
My role models growing up were definitely my parents. My mom is one of the most multi-talented women I know and am very proud to say that she is the one I have modeled myself after. I learned a lot from her, as she is an actress, singer/songwriter, musician, dancer/choreographer, photographer, seamstress, artist and one of the founders of Lipstick Model and Talent Agency here in Miami, Florida. My mother Savannah has always encouraged and supported what I wanted to do and how I wanted to do it. My father Michael runs his own business, Signature Music, booking bands and himself as a local musician for 30 something years, doing private parties, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs and weddings. My father, like my mother, has supported my dreams, yet always instilled in my brain to be level headed and to always have a back up plan. I guess you could say they both balanced me out; my mom gave me the drive and the dreamer qualities, while my dad gave me the practical side of things. I guess you could call me the practical dreamer! That is kind of an oxymoron. Growing up with a sister so close in age and such similar dreams, it is hard not to mention her as a role model as well. My sister April has always pushed me ahead and motivated me to become better, sometimes without ever knowing it, because of her amazing talents as an actress, singer/songwriter, dancer and person. I will always strive to be as good and as beautiful as the people whom I have looked up to for the past 23 years of my life.

What’d be your ideal film project?
I would love to co-star in a comedy/romantic comedy with either Heath Ledger, Jim Carrey, Adam Sandler, Ben Stiller or Ben Affleck…if J-Lo wouldn’t mind! I would just love to be in the same film project working alongside any of my favorite actors like Julia Roberts, Harrison Ford, Tom Hanks, Goldie Hawn, Bette Midler, Sally Field, Diane Keaton, Steve Martin, Renee Zellweger, Matt Damon and Gwyneth Paltrow. I would love to be able to learn what I could from them and respect what they do up close and personal!

What are your ultimate goals in showbiz?
My goals in showbiz are endless. I want to do all there is to be done and then more! Above all, I just love to know that people somewhere can hear me, see me, and maybe be inspired by me. That is more than enough for me. I am living my dream right now by starring in films and by being a lead singer. I can only hope that it comes one day at a grander scale and I will do my best to try and get there!

What’s your message for America’s youth?
To me, the most important message I can give to today’s youth is that life is precious and every moment should be cherished. I just learned that lesson not too long ago myself, when on my birthday I found out that a friend of mine, Jim Knight, had died tragically in a motorcycle accident. He was a firefighter for the city of Sunrise in Florida, and a paramedic and nurse tech in the ER at a local hospital. He did so much good in this world to help save people’s lives, yet could not prevent or stop his own death. His funeral for me was very sad, yet very happy all in the same. Sad because I lost an amazing, loving, and funny friend, but happy because now I really learned what love can do. We always take life for granted and even through his death he taught me a huge lesson of how to love and live each moment like it was your last. He always showed love and laughter and that showed me through his death that he was always happy and did all that he ever wanted in life. At his funeral service, I felt as though I was the one dead and he was the one alive because he left nothing unsaid or undone, yet I did. From that day on, I have said everything I wanted to say and have done all the things that I wanted to do for other people without being scared. This is a message to the youth because we need more of the youth to follow this example of love because they are our future. It seems because of all the violence going on, we’re all afraid of doing good and helping others, but I feel that maybe this little bit of love in everyone could change the whole world bit by bit. You see, I think of Jimmy and he is the little bit of love that changed my life and I can’t help but think that if all the youth and everyone, for that matter, tried to live each day to do a little bit to show love and compassion to others, then maybe we could help change bitter anger into hope!

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