Did you watch a lot of horror movies growing up? What were you like?
I watched a lot of horror films growing up. I would stay up past my bed time when I was young. I had to persuade my babysitter though. Friday night was Chiller Theatre and Saturday afternoon was Fright Night movies. Sunday afternoons, if I was lucky, sometimes Abbott and Costello would be dealing with one (or a few) of the Universal monsters. I was one of those kids who liked to be scared and I would scare anyone whenever I could find an opportunity.

You actually studied acting at the Stella Adler school. What were your aspirations at that time?
I never considered acting growing up. When I started portraying the Vladimira character, I got offers to do some film roles. Instead of just trying to wing it, I thought it would be beneficial to attend acting school at Stella Adler. I really enjoyed my theater classes more so then film. I like being in front of a live audience.

How’d you come up with the Countess Vladimira character?
Before the creation of Vladimira, I was working for Harris comics as Vampirella. I knew it wasn’t going to be an on going gig. They seem to get a new woman to wear the suit each year and it works. All the fans are highly anticipating who the new model will be. As Vampy, I was exposed (literally) to the comic and horror conventions, including appearing on one of Harris’s Vampirella covers. I really enjoyed it and wasn’t ready to give it up. I decided to create my own horror persona, since so many people, including myself, are intrigued with vampire folklore and the romance of these creatures. I decided to continue on in this vein. Pun intended.

How’d you get into B-movies?
The B-film thing happened because I was meeting the producers of these films on the convention circuit. It was very convenient. A lot of times I would get e-mails and letters from people claiming to be… more like wishing to be filmmakers. Being at a show and seeing who’s really legitimate saves me a lot of wasted time and aggravation.

You were in the Troma flick “Terror Firmer.” What role did you play? What’s Lloyd Kaufman really like?
In the film “Terror Firmer,” I was portraying Vladimira. Lloyd Kaufman is quite a character. The best way to describe him, to my ability, would be to say he’s like a person they call a barker. You see them at the old time circus and fairs in the movies. They’re always trying to get your attention to sell you something in a theatrical and comical way. Let me tell you, Lloyd is very skilled at it. Troma wouldn’t be the number one B-movie company in the world if not for him.

What were you up to in the film “Vampire Night?”
I had a role as a vampire (Vladimira) in the film. We were a group of down and out vampires who to lay low, would only feed off of and kill winos. Well, this started to take a toll on our health and we needed non-tainted blood. We set up a bogus theater group, luring in young actors from out of town. That’s when our real troubles began.

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