Your bio says you like reading about serial killers. What fascinates you about them?
I can’t get enough of serial killers. I watch “Cold Cases,” “Forensic Files,” “New Detectives,” etc…all the time. My favorite killer is Albert Fish. He was an older gentleman who cooked up children and made a stew out of them. He commented that his favorite part was the rear end area because of its tenderness. He liked to insert needles and pins into his groin area. When they executed him, the first time didn’t take. He shorted out the electric chair from all the metal still embedded in his body. I just find it extremely fascinating that certain people are capable of these monstrous acts. I do not condone this behavior at all. There has been a huge increase of the type of shows I have mentioned previously so I know that I’m not the only one who feels this way. Here’s a stock tip: invest in DNA research labs.

Your favorite movie monster is the Creature From the Black Lagoon. What appeals to you about that charming bastard?
The Creature is my favorite because he has those great big kissable lips and a body you would die for. I have to say I am really digging the Predator lately. He’s like an updated version of the Creature. He’s got that Sci-fi Mad Max dread thing going on.

What would people be surprised to learn about you?

I am a big baby when I see something upsetting to me. Just the other night, I was watching “Animal Precinct” (like the show “Cops” but they deal with catching people who abuse animals). I got a little teary eyed over it.

There was a Hammer Film Festival on Cinemax that you hosted. What was that like?
I was appearing on a show called “F/X.” Cinemax was doing a special about the Hammer films. A few of the guests were the women in the films and Cinemax was filming some footage for their show. They asked me if I wanted to do some introductions to the films. Of course, I said yes. I grew up watching and have been inspired by them.

You ended up hanging out with the band Slayer recently? How did that come about?
Slayer was having a record release party for their album God Hates Everyone. It was held at night at Hollywood Forever cemetery. The sponsors of the event were the rock magazine Revolver and The Coffin Case company whom I do promotional for. They produce coffin shaped instrument cases. It was a very cool gig.

There’s a comic book coming out that’s based on you. What’s the deal with that?
I have had three different publishers who have produced comics based on Vladimira, the last one–which was by Airwave–was due out this last summer. It will not be released I am sad to say, because of problems with the publisher and the artist. I am now concentrating on developing a sci-fi character I am working on.

What’s your message for America’s youth?
Go see the movie Bowling For Columbine by Michael Moore. It demonstrates that one person can change things.

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