: We’re kind of living in an uptight, PC world right now where people just seem to be looking for things to complain about in the media. Are you at all worried that the religious community might find Bruce Almighty sacrilegious?
Carrey: I think I’m going to be welcome anywhere. I think I will share the host with many!

You two obviously have a shorthand, like a Chip and Dale thing going on. Does that make it easier or harder to work together? Can you be honest with each when you’re on set?
Carrey: Brutally.
Shadyac: Yes.
Carrey: Absolutely.
Shadyac: Yes. I think it makes it easier. You know it’s a mutual respect and definitely a shorthand. I can just look at Jim while we’re filming and go, ‘We’re doing another take, aren’t we?’ I just look at him, or I can tell when he’s done. So…
Carrey: Or when I come in with an idea in the morning… Everybody run!!
Shadyac: Oh, I know in the morning, I know what the morning routine is. I know that what we have set up will not be what we do, because Jim will have an idea and so, again, I think we work really well together because I’m not afraid of actions like that. I want to get the best out of this guy. A reporter said to me in an earlier interview, ‘This movie couldn’t have been made with another actor.’ To me that’s a compliment because everything is tailor made to his talents.
Carrey: We’ve had our moments, too. We’ve had moments on other films and stuff where we just kind of had screaming fits.
Shadyac: We’re having one now.

Jim, as a producer do you keep yourself in check a little more because you know you have to control the timeline?
Shadyac: Jim Carrey the producer is much more approachable than Jim Carrey the actor. Jim Carrey the actor needs rest. Jim Carrey the producer likes to move things along.
Carrey: Yeah, but also the idea that we might not get along from time to time, it also shows that we’re honest with each other. Most of the time it’s absolute bliss and total fun and all that stuff, but you can’t have a friend without having some conflict. That’s what is in the movie, too. But you know, people say, ‘Well, are you worried about the idea of a character screaming at God?’ and I don’t think you can know God unless you are passionate about God, you know? And so you’re either screaming at Him or you’re enraptured with the idea of being around Him or feeling Him in your life, or something like that. Either one of those two ways you’re going to have some kind of contact or something happen. Otherwise, I don’t think He’s interested in people who are half interested.
Shadyac: Yes. A relationship based on honesty and any relationship is going to have …
Carrey: You got to scream.
Shadyac: Yes, you’ve got to have a moment, and so we’ve had ours.
Carrey: Remind me, I need to kick the crap out of you.

I wanted to ask you, working with Jennifer Anniston, what was that like and did Brad ever show up any day on the set?
Carrey: You know, he was constantly haranguing me. ‘Did you kiss her?’ ‘Did you kiss her?’ ‘Did you kiss her?’ ‘Let me try, man!’ No, ah, he came around once or twice. A very nice gentleman. Really cool guy and they’re a great couple. Really sweet. And she’s tremendous. We worked well off each other because Jennifer is a completely different kind of person than me. I’m a person who just kind of like throws myself out there and does all kinds of wild stuff and she’s like the center of the wheel. I’m doing this (wild arm movements going in a circular motion) all the way around her, and she’s the type of person that can sit there and allow things to come to her. I seek them out and destroy them. So, you know, it’s a wonderful kind of mix. She’s very solid and very centered.
Shadyac: Yet they’re both cut from the same cloth, so there’s chemistry-like ability.
Carrey: Yeah, she’s a very cool person. She deserves everything she’s got. You look at all those magazines and stuff you see her in and you just go, ‘Gosh, it’s amazing.’ Before you know her you go, ‘Why are people so interested in this person? They just never seem to get enough of this person,’ and then you meet her and you go, ‘There’s a reason. This is a very cool centered person.’ And a lot of times that you meet some people like that, you’re disappointed at the reality of them. The idea is always better or they’re playing an idea. And she’s just being herself.
Shadyac: And Brad really isn’t that good looking in person. We were both very under-whelmed.
Carrey: Yeah, the double chins.

The interview continues in part four of JIM CARREY COMES UNDONE>>>

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