While filming this movie, there were stories floating around about how you saved Jennifer’s life. Did you really rescue Jennifer from a falling crane or was that just another tabloid story that made its rounds?
Shadyac: Oh, we remember that day very well.
Carrey: Well, she had flat-lined. She had flat-lined and I, not knowing CPR of course, was all tongue and Tom said, ‘No! Blow air! Blow air, not saliva!’
Shadyac: This is the type of thing he has to deal with. He has to deal with this all the time. I was amazed when we had a windy day essentially what happened. One of the trees blew over on the back lot at Universal. No one was hurt– no one was close to getting hurt– but the next day they printed…
Carrey: Well, I did turn and go ‘Look out!’ That was right on, man.
Shadyac: Yes, yes.
Carrey: Hey whoa, hey look out! That’s good.
Shadyac: Amazing step of courage. But somehow that turned into Jim saved everyone’s life on the set and um, I support that story. Feel free to spread it over the years.
Carrey: I’ve saved so many and yet that’s what gets printed.

Jim, this movie, like The Majestic I think, has unabashed sentimentality. You seemed totally unembarrassed to put your heart on your sleeve and let the world see it. Can you talk about your values as a comic and as an actor – What you see this as saying and what you want to have people leave the theater with when they see a Jim Carrey movie?
Carrey: You know, the wonderful thing about this movie, in particular, is it has, and we kind of did that with “Liar Liar” too, a very serious notion underneath it. It was comedic in a way and it allowed me to go incredibly crazy. It allowed me to go off the deep end. But at the same time there were real solid ideas and the question that all of us get to at a certain point, where we’re screaming at God in our own way and saying, ‘Why? Why? Why are you doing this to me?’ It’s always us and we always get to a point, hopefully, where we say, ‘Oh, okay, that’s what I had to learn.’ But sometimes it’s a long time coming. So it was a nice chance to say that. It was a nice chance to say that and, you know, my values are kind of like Tom’s values. We’re all spiritual in a sense. He’s probably more religious than I am, I don’t know. He’s much into the documentation of it all. I read it and it goes out my head and I think of it later and think I thought of it. We are very kind of spiritual people and I’ve always been big about faith. I’ve always had a major thing about faith. Everything in my life has happened for a reason, a good reason. Generally when I’m on the beam, man, it’s like the blessings just come one after another like rain. It’s unbelievable when I’m in the right place.

Any particular faith?
Carrey: I believe in zucchinis. I’ve gone multi-denominational. I’ve studied a lot of different things and basically I don’t know what God is, but I know that He’s at least an energy that rules all that walks the earth and I really think there are laws. There are laws and maybe they’re within ourselves. I don’t know what it is, but I call that God, too.
Shadyac: Welcome to one of our retreats.
Carrey: Yeah, exactly. My interpretation of the secret to life is, don’t do anything or try not to do anything that makes you feel like you deserve to lose in life. And be grateful for what you have and a lot of that is in this movie. Be grateful. And protect what you’ve got that’s beautiful, too. You know, if you’ve got a talent, protect it. Protect the spark.
Shadyac: Actually, that’s interesting… I never thought about this, you know, in forethought, but the movie really is kind of a walk. It’s kind of a window into who you and I are, because we’re…..
Carrey: Lovely souls. Lovely, lovely.
Shadyac: Comedy is our roots, so obviously when we get together we laugh a lot, Jim, Steve and myself. We laugh a lot. But we’re also on this journey, this quest. And I think you see the walk in the movie.

Gentlemen, I wanted to compliment you both…
Carrey: First of all, the gentlemen thing is completely off. Totally wrong.

Okay, you dirty bastards…
Carrey: Okay, thank you.

I wanted to compliment you both on one of the longest sustained laughs I’ve heard in a movie in a long time.
Carrey: Oh good.

A very pleasant surprise. It shocked me that you weren’t the focus of it for the first time in a long time. Was that a…
Carrey: It was a co-op, yeah. It was a co-op.

Was that a concerted effort to try to effect something like that in one of your films?
Carrey: No, those types of things are, you know, you throw it against the wall and those things happen, luckily. But I know the moment you’re talking about was Steve Carell, who is hilarious and so good in the film– in every moment of the film– and I love funny people, man, you know? So put me with somebody funny and I’ll have a great time. I don’t care who gets the laugh, and I don’t care who gives me the joke. If the gaffer gives us a joke, it’s great. Do you know what I mean? It’s fantastic. It just makes it funny. And that’s all I want. I want the people to leave the theater having had a great old time, whether I got the laugh or someone else did. But he’s so funny.
Shadyac: That scene was a surprise to me in editing, because we’d both been a part of set piece scenes where you don’t want to be too long and you want it to be cut just right, and the laugh just kept going. It kind of puts people into that happy place and it just keeps going, so we really milked it. But we took it as long as the laughs were coming, and they pretty much go from start to finish in that scene. They worked off of each other.
Carrey: I don’t laugh a lot either at my own stuff and stuff like that, but that scene made me laugh.
Shadyac: Yeah, that scene’s funny.
Carrey: I laugh at stupid things. I really do.
Shadyac: That’s a good example of something that’s scripted in one line, you know, ‘Bruce messes with Evan,’ and these guys, two comedic minds really get together. Steve came up with stuff and then Jim would come up with stuff based on that and give and take and we had a good scene out of it.

The interview continues in part five of JIM CARREY COMES UNDONE>>>

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