Back to Bruce Almighty for a second, for the DVD, how involved were you guys in it? Did you do a commentary?
Shadyac: Well, we’re going to get involved. It hasn’t been done yet, but actually we started talking about it very, very early on in the movie. We decided early that, because we have all these choices that we didn’t use, I could cut three, five, 10 other movies together with the choices that we have.
Carrey: We’ve got to put the falling out of the airplane on the DVD.
Shadyac: Yes, there are whole bits that are not in the movie.
Carrey: There is a shot that we did of me falling out of this airplane, doing a…
Shadyac: Another news story. He discovered Big Foot and it kind of got cut.
Carrey: Yeah, right. And so I’m falling out of this airplane and we had this special effects guy with a gun, with a pipe…
Shadyac: Air gun.
Carrey: … that shot air, like at a fierce rate, into my mouth, so my mouth is literally this big. It’s going ‘halulululula’ and just the whole time I’m speaking, you see my whole skeleton under there. It’s really frightening. And when they said cut, all this stuff went off and the fans and everything shut down and I couldn’t see anybody because everybody was on the floor just losing their minds. But it didn’t fit in the movie so…
Shadyac: Didn’t fit.
Carrey: It’s got to be somewhere.
Shadyac: Yeah, we’ll put stuff like that on the DVD and the other choices that you didn’t get to see. There’s a ton of scenes that we’ll put on too that have laughs, but didn’t quite fit in the rhythm.

Is the DVD a comic’s salvation then because your material can still be savored later on?
Carrey: It’s kind of nice to be able to see that other stuff.
Shadyac: Yeah.
Carrey: To show some things that didn’t fit in the puzzle maybe. It’s given us a lot of good options.
Shadyac: Yeah. It’s actually really cool. I mean, it is another point of interest and people are fascinated by what made it or didn’t make it. We have scenes from “Ace Ventura,” the original “Ace Ventura,” and we weren’t doing that. DVD didn’t exist then. But I can remember scenes that we took out of the original “Ace,” (turns to Jim) remember the contact lens, when one guy came after Ace in a bar…
Carrey: I take out a contact lens and go (screech– like nails on a chalkboard).
Shadyac: It’s scenes like that that make me wish we had the DVD back then. Funny stuff.

Really quickly before you go, can you talk a little more about “Eternal Sunshine” and working with Charlie Kaufman?
Carrey: Oh, it’s wonderful, wonderful material. Amazing. I felt so lucky to be part of that.
Shadyac: Did you scream at him?
Carrey: Huh?
Shadyac: Never mind.
Carrey: Michel Gondry is brilliant. All the special effects were done in camera. It’s a really interesting project. Really, really cool.

And you play all ages in the memory?
Carrey: Yeah. It’s me, but I’ve got kids clothes on or whatever.

What about the future? Would you ever go back and film a movie in Toronto?
Carrey: Absolutely. Immediately. I would do that anytime.

Even with this recent SARS hysteria thing?
Carrey: I got stuff that they’d have to worry about. No, I don’t worry about that kind of stuff.

I have to ask you before you go, what do you think of this “Dumb & Dumber” sequel coming out they made without you and Jeff Daniels?
Carrey: I don’t know, I’ve never seen it. I have no idea what it is like. I wish them luck with it, but I’ve got a lot of people coming up to me thinking I’m in it. A little sin of omission there. They did a lot of campaigning without saying who was in it or whatever, so I don’t know if they kind of mislead people in that way.

And finally, after working with such great directors as Milos Forman and Ron Howard, would you ever want to direct in the future?
Carrey: Maybe sometime.
Shadyac: I can answer that question (laughs).

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