What has the response been like towards Reflections of Evil?
Well, as I’ve stated many times, the most common response is always NO response. And this has been the case for as long as I can remember, although with increasing intensity over the years. I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining because, in fact, within recent months response has been pretty overwhelming and very positive. But I can say the first eight months (from March-Dec 2002–) was the worst, with tens of thousands of DVDs having been sent/passed/spread around and basically NOTHING coming back from it. It felt like it was just too late or out of place, like it just didn’t matter anymore, people were just too jaded or apathetic. However, many have said they felt the film suffered that common flaw of being slightly too ahead of it’s time. So I don’t know. Again I don’t want to sound like I’m whining. I mean in actuality, the Vietnam Vets went through so much more hell with so much less return. I have no right to make that kind of analogy.

Are there any screenings of Reflections coming up?
Yes, three fests this year – Fantasia Fest in Montreal–which is a real privilege–, The Melbourne Underground Film Fest and Features at the Five”= in Lafayette, PA.

There’s a mention of something called “Bob’s Afterlife Adventures” on your website. Is this a kind of sequel to Reflections?
No, just a little sketch in between shorts on the new Star Wars Mockumentary reel, which is coupled with “Dawn of an Evil Millennium” and a short with Sage Stallone. Let’s just say it has something to do with “U2 Rattle and Hum” (1988) and precedes “Dawn.”

Tell me about your Star Wars Mockumentary.
It’s a behind-the-scenes parody. It simply has to be seen to be believed. I don’t want to give much away about it. Lets just say it’s unlike ANYTHING you have ever seen. The trailer clip really has nothing to do with the rest of the film. It’s just a little precursor, and I’ve re-vamped that trailer since. Just hope I don’t get sued. I have no idea how Lucasfilm might react to this.

What do you think of the “Star Wars” prequels?
Terrible. Sheer boredom. Completely empty. The acting and dialogue are so wooden a computer may as well have directed the films (may not be too far from the truth). The only thing I like from the new films is some of John Williams’ music. But then I’ve been collecting JW scores my entire life and I don’t think he could ever completely disappoint me. A composer’s talent is often more consistent than a director’s. Granted, I much prefer JW’s earlier efforts (“Earthquake,” “Cinderella Liberty,” etc.), but he still has the amazing ability to create beautiful melodies.

Any predictions for “Episode III”?
Yeah, it’ll follow the same path. I no longer have any positive anticipations for these films. It’s quite sad, but then it is the end of the world as we know it.

Any new filmmakers that interest you?
Hmm…can’t think of anyone “brand new,” but Gaspar Noe, Lars Von Trier, and Spike Jonze are pretty good. There’s also Vincent Ward, Tim Blake Nelson (who directed the recent “The Grey Zone”), Vince Gallo (who’s a friend of Sage Stallone, may get to see “The Brown Bunny” sometime soon), and Alexander Sokurov (Russian Director who made Mother and Son and Russian Ark). It’s hard to say nowadays because every project is so different, there are so few original and inspired ideas, more compromises and control on everything. Certainly there are no more great creative boundaries to break. The film industry has become a completely controlled, homogenized mega-corporate business completely based on deals and money and profit margins. It has absolutely nothing to do with how good or bad something is, or how talented or untalented a filmmaker is, or how ill-fitting an actor is (not that there are any interesting actors left). Nor do the “controlling sources” have any care, interest or need for that sort of thing. Just look at how shallow and awful films have become. It’s as if nobody cares anymore, or has the power to do anything about it. They’re all just manufactured disposable multiplex slot fillers. The last period for great possibilities and genuine inspiration was the 60s & 70s. It’s over now. Finito. End of all hope.

Can we expect any future projects from Damon Packard?
Probably not. This is the end – my beautiful friend – the end.

Check out the “Reflections of Evil” website.

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