How do you see the current horror film scene?
I think it’s in a pretty good place. It seems that horror films are more popular now than they have been in a long time. I think that’s partly to do with world events, and the fear that’s running through the world now. We need a way to experience these things in a way that we can deal with. And horror films provide that. I think there’s been some really good work done all over the world, some of the Japanese horror films and in Spain there’s some great stuff being done. And here, I really liked The Ring, I thought the remake was really well done. I’m feeling good about it.

Do you know what your next film is going to be?
Well it could be the Mamet thing, “Edmund.” It’s a possibility; I’m hoping that’s the next one. It isn’t really a horror movie per say, but it’s grim, although it’s also very funny. Mamet dialogue is the greatest. I’m also working on the Jack Ketchum book Ladies Night, which is the most violent script I’ve ever had, and that’s saying something.

How do you handle the delicate balance between horror and humor?
The thing I’ve learned is you can’t do them both at the same time, because they cancel each other out. If you’re laughing at something, you’re not afraid anymore. Audiences at horror movies want to laugh, because they want to break the tension. It’s always a break to give them a few opportunities to do that. Then you’ve got to crank up the mood, get them back into the fear again. But it’s a good way to relieve the tension. They work really well together.

What film of yours is your favorite?
It’s funny, I don’t have a favorite film. It’s kind of like they’re my children in a way. I love them all for different reasons; some of them are a little more troublesome than others. But they all have things about them I like. Each one has taught me something. So it’s hard to pick one.

Let me rephrase that, which came closest to your vision before you started?
Boy that’s a good question. Again it’s hard to say. When you look at a movie, every single one of them, there’s always something you wish you had done differently. There are moments in all of them that I’m really proud of. It’s hard to pick.

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