What’s the film community like in Philadelphia?
It’s a joke. I’ve gotten reprimanded for saying negative things like that before. So let me be clear. IT’S A JOKE! They’ve done a good job of increasing the number of projects in this town, both large and small, however as an actor you’re not even considered for a substantial role in a big film, and most of the smaller films are really just amateur home videos. The film office personnel do what they can to assist in production, although they were not deeply involved with my film at all. As far as I know, none of them have ever even seen my film. I don’t think many of the people in the business supported me when my film screened for a whole week. No casting directors or agents. I sent out screening info e-mails to the people listed in the film guide and some even replied for me to take them off my list. The big film festival in Philly rejected me, as well. I even shot scenes two blocks from the very venue where the festival films screened. Most of the press ignored me. Some of the smaller papers and suburban papers helped me out. The theater where I ran charged me $10k for a week. Even though I did not break even, the city put an entertainment tax on what I collected. There is a small pocket of filmmakers that stick together and try to help one another, but for the most part, I believe we are not supported well at all. I am very grateful to those who have supported the project and it would be an injustice to them to give credit to those who didn’t.

Do you plan on staying in Philly or would you like to eventually move to California, closer to the “industry?”
I actually love Philly and would love to do most, if not all of my films here and do my part to make the film community here thrive. I don’t know if that is possible because I am an actor first, and I’d like to be involved in projects other than my own and that would require location changes. I plan to bounce back and forth.

Would you like to be a player in the Hollywood system?
Yes. I would consider it a great success and also have some more pull when it comes to getting smaller projects completed.

What would you like “The Demo Crew” to do to its audience?
Make them think, laugh, cry and stand up and cheer as they did at the standing ovation premiere in Philly.

Any future projects?
I’ve just finished a script entitled “The Outside Lane,” about a good cop obsessed with making the world a better place and his relationship with his under achiever brother who thinks the world is too far gone to bother trying. I plan to go into production in the spring. Anyone with some spare cash is welcome to invest.

Non-film related – what would make your day?
Having time to get all my chores and errands done, ride my Harley down by the river, have a nice dinner and have a huge party for all my friends and family without one telemarketer or bank calling even once. Too much to ask?

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