What are the biggest misconceptions about you?
That I don’t know how to act–due to the fact that I have big breasts, and blonde hair.

This industry is 90% looks and 10% talent I always say. I get cast in the femme fatale roles that usually require nudity. Knowing I won’t do nudity, I get skimmed and passed over often for roles in B-movies. That’s fine with me. When the part comes along where a girl is the “it” girl, or “final” girl, I get the phone call. There are casting directors out there that know I can perform, and they hire me. Then there are some who base their opinions on my looks alone. They skim over me, and don’t even call for an audition. Being a producer and director myself, I will call in every girl I see fit for a role. I give them a chance to prove to me they can act, not based solely on looks. It would be a shame not to call a talent and discover a good talent based on the fact a girl has blonde hair, and bigger breasts. Can you imagine how hard I would kick myself for that one, if the girl was really a hard worker and really driven? And then became famous and successful?

Have you ever auditioned for someone and they pulled out the casting couch?
No. Not yet. I’m sure it may happen though. I only hope it’s a female casting director. Hahahaha…

Who are your role models in this business?
Women: Goldie Hawn, Angelina Jolie, and Jennifer Anniston. Men: Kevin Smith, Johnny Depp, and Edward Norton.

Do you have any advice for aspiring actresses?
Don’t become discouraged out here in Hollywood. Everything happens for a reason. Go to bed early, and don’t get suckered into the games, and politics. It’s not that important. This career is NOT who you ARE. Your success and failures do not reflect on who you are, on the inside. Go home often, and re-group, and stay grounded. Keep your morals and values in your heart and in your mind.

What have you learned from being in the entertainment industry?
How to make a movie from the ground up: watching Ben Cooper during the filming of “The Brink” gave me a full view of everything that must be done and prepared, arranged and organized in a film. Time, care, and a lot of Starbucks coffee are needed.

What’s your ultimate goal in show business?
My goal is to follow the exact path of Goldie Hawn, with a side track avenue of a career like Deirdre Hall’s to get started. That means to be a regular on “Days of Our Lives”, for about three years while I am still young, and then to perform in comedies and dramas, and also produce, direct and create my own movies. I think that is enough to get the ball rolling.

What would people be surprised to learn about you?
That I am a self taught (and still learning) web-designer. I have created about 25 web sites that range from animal abuse shelters to various subjects. I have built them, from a blank canvas, using HTML. I am an animal rescue activist. I also have a thing/weakness for John Hughes and Kevin Smith movies.

What’s your message for America’s youth?
Material possessions do not matter–memories with family and friends, having fun, traveling, and exploring the world do–meet as many people and animals as you can. Smile often. Laugh more. Get out of the house, and explore the world.

Visit Heather at her official website.

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