You said that Everette Hartsoe saw an ad of yours. What kind of ad?
That was an ad from when I had been doing domination, but it wasn’t in a domination magazine. I did a very small line of fetish videos, but because I wanted to do horror movies, I put the ad in Scream Queens Magazine and said I was also available for B horror movies. It served its purpose.

What attracts people to domination? As either dominants or submissives?
Well, I think as far as the domination side of it, it’s easier for me to speak from that side because I wouldn’t be attracted to the submissive side of it. For submissives, it’s releasing their power and submitting. They like that. I don’t know why. I wouldn’t like it. I’m just dominant naturally and so the domination thing with me isn’t so much the way it is with other dominas. Like if I had a slave living with me 24/7 everyday, I would not be in domination character, but I would still expect them to be submissive 24/7 just because I’m naturally a dominant person. I don’t have to yell to get them to do it. I should be able to say it with a whisper.

What attracted you to professional domination?
It was around the time I wanted to get started in the entertainment business. And a lot of the people in comics and B movies had either been in them a long time or they were doing other things around the entertainment industry like being “feature dancers” and stuff which I didn’t want to do because then you have to do that in the movies with nudity and stuff and I wanted to stay away from that. So, I thought no one’s really using the domination angle and that would get me the parts I wanted . . . not victim roles. It pretty much worked. Plus it allowed me to work at something for a while and make money on my own schedule which allowed me to travel when I needed to. It also got me a lot of photo shoots and interviews around the internet that I wouldn’t have had otherwise. So, yes, everything I did, I planned! I’m such a cold calculating individual!

So, domination was purely for the shock factor. Would you have ever considered another route?
If I had been independently wealthy, maybe I would have published my own comic book and my own movie.

What do you think of the mainstreaming of domination imagery and clothing? For example, you see Britney Spears in leather and thanks to Hot Topic you can now get bondage gear at the mall.
I think that it’s to be expected. Everything has a little cycle and gets out there for a while. But I don’t think that it’s necessarily bad. I used it that way. Who am I to say somebody else shouldn’t?

Do you still do domination professionally?
On a very, very individual basis. I don’t put a number out anymore. They have to contact me by mail, and I really screen the people because I’ve had a lot of problems with stalkers.

Has working in the domination field limited the types of roles you’ve been offered?
I think it did for a while because I used to have more people say, “Well, she’s a dominatrix” more than “She’s an actress.” And then I started using a different name for domination and that dropped off. Now I think people are taking me more seriously and I’m getting a lot more roles.

Would you recommend the path you took to other young women looking to work in B movies?
Not necessarily. It depends on what they’re willing to do once they’re in the B movies. If they’re going to do the nudity and stuff, then do it the easy way and go be a stripper and get yourself into the B movies and magazines that way. If you can take the easy route, then do it. I just didn’t want to. I would much rather be cast in a movie because I can act and they want the look I have, rather than, “Well, we just need another naked girl.”

What initially attracted you to horror? Are you a lifelong fan?
Yeah, I am. When I was really little, I liked my horror very light. I watched things like “Casper” and “Bewitched.” I would have been terrified by anything shockingly horrific when I was little. But, I think that some of the people who are really fans of horror probably were scared by it when they were young and that’s why they appreciate it so much now.

Here’s a question you’ve been asked a million times but I’m going to ask you again anyway: What’s your favorite horror film?
My current favorite is Donnie Darko. Which is really just dark. Not exactly horror.

What about the classics? Do you like the Universal Studios stuff with Karloff and Lugosi?
Yeah, I do like some of it. I usually just pick a current favorite.

Favorite director?
I like David Lynch. Definitely kinda weird. I really like his work.

What’s your favorite Lynch film?
Probably “Blue Velvet.” The ones that make sense! Even in the ones that don’t make sense, I understand what he’s trying to do, but a lot of people aren’t going to like those particular movies.

The interview continues in part four of QUEEN B: INSIDE THE DARKLY GLAMOROUS WORLD OF LILITH STABS>>>

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