As an insider in the realm of independent horror film, what is the state of the genre?
It does need some help. Right now, I think that there’s so many people into the low budget stuff that have become fans of it to the extent that they want to make their own movies . . . and you have to have fans to keep buying the movies. So, if everybody makes their own, I don’t know how it’s going to survive and how it’s going to go on.

What’s the solution?
I don’t know if there is a solution. At conventions I’ve noticed there are a lot more people going around talking to directors about their own stuff moreso than just picking up something and buying it from them. So until there’s new fans . . . I mean, that could work for itself – if it just gets bigger and more fans are created. So it could work out okay.

In the 1980s there was an explosion in the popularity of “scream queens.” It was the golden age of actresses like Linnea Quigley (Return of the Living Dead) and Brinke Stevens (“Nightmare Sisters”). Do you consider yourself part of a new wave of “scream queens”? Or would you even consider yourself one?
I don’t consider the parts that I’m getting as typical “scream queen” parts, but I still get lumped in and called a “scream queen” just because I’m doing B horror movies. So, I’m not going to get mad if somebody calls me that because I know what they’re saying . . . But, yeah, I think there is a new set of people coming in to it.

Will the new crop of “scream queens” attain the popularity of the originals from the ‘80s?
Probably not to that level. But a lot of the ‘80’s trends are coming back. Who knows?

What about the current generation of B horror directors? Are some of these guys intentionally making crap?
If they’re not intentionally doing it, then there’s something really wrong with them. But, I’m not sure it’s intentional on all of their parts, because I’ve heard some of them talk in interviews like they’ve made some kind of masterpiece. I don’t know what they’re thinking. I don’t know if they think their stuff is that good or if they’re just delusional.

Who are some of your contemporaries in the B movie world that you really enjoy working with?
I like working with Jeff Dylan Graham (“Dead and Rotting”), Robyn Griggs seems nice. Mike Watt and Amy Lynn Best are fun to work with. I did an opening sequence for their film, “WereGrrl,” that we shot backstage at a convention and I had a part in “Severe Injuries,” another one of their projects.

Who is the best director you’ve worked with so far?
Probably J.R. Bookwalter. (note: Bookwalter is best known for the B movie zombie classic “The Dead Next Door,” which was partially funded by Sam Raimi (The Evil Dead, Spider-Man) and as the head of indie video label Tempe Entertainment)

Let’s talk about the horror convention scene. What role do you think the cons have played in your success?
Considering that I went to comic book and horror media-type conventions to network, I think they’ve helped a lot. I had never, ever set up at a convention until I had done a movie. . .as far as being a guest, it definitely helps. People come up and talk to you that shoot movies and photos. . .

Has your work been primarily distributed at horror conventions?
I think a lot of it has, yeah.

Got any weird convention stories?
Numerous! I’ve had lots of weird things happen at conventions.

In the past, you’ve had some real trouble with internet weirdos. Including some serious things like death threats. Has that subsided?
I still deal with it. There are a few people that I actually know are doing it. Some of it is just girls and jealousy issues and stuff.

Do you feel that you’ve been singled out for that kind of harassment?
Oh yeah.

I don’t know. People who’ve spent any time around me say I’m really nice. But it’s the ones who pre-judge me or decide they don’t like something about me or have jealousy issues and feel strongly enough about it to say stuff.

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