How’d you get your start in the horror movie biz?
Accidentally just from being a model I was asked to do some acting & liked it so I pursued it … So a friend introduced me to another & so on. Then I got into following casting calls, ect.. 


What would you say your image is?
Sexy but not slutty (lol). Gothic or more like old school goth. Not the new wave Goth w/ piercing & tons of tats all over the place. I like that stuff, but I need to be able to change my look as needed. So for me it’s more about the make-up & clothes or lack of them that makes me look different to a certain degree. I love attention, but if I’m just shopping or going to the gym I kinda blend…Kinda. (lol) 


What are you like in real life?
A blood sucking evil vampire that sleeps all day & feasts on my prey all night long! Well, not really. I usually do sleep pretty late. I spend a lot of time working on movies, photo shoots, conventions, my website, etc. etc. Other than that, just the norm. Guess I’m kinda quiet, not a real big party person or anything like that–not into the bar scene. Now and then I’ll go see a concert or something, but that’s about it. That’s what I like about doing conventions – let’s me get out and mingle a bit. 


What can you tell us about your film “Vampire Sisters”?
It kicks ass.. BIG TIME! I think it’s my best performance to date. If getting a chance to spy on three sexy female vamps is your idea of a good time–you won’t even get up to pee when ya put this baby in the DVD player or VCR. It’s got action, blood, lust, power tools, fangs, lingerie, fighting, dying, cops, vampires, perverts, even a little nude stuff for the few who it may concern!!!!!! (lol) Oh yeah, did I MENTION THE BLOOD??  Yum yum.  Got something for just about everyone. 


What are some of the films that scare you? And what do you think makes a movie truly scary?
Well it really takes a lot to scare me, but the first movie I ever saw was “The Exorcist” when I was about six. Kinda the stuff that seems like it could almost be real or could have been real at one time. When people go overboard and have someone die a billion times and they come back–and then they’re a robot and whatever else – that gets to be almost more funny then scary. Like hey, maybe next time he’ll come back as a PC virus or something. (lol) 


You’ve had some pretty sexy roles. What’s your take on doing those sorts of parts?
I guess some are sexy, but I don’t do hardcore stuff so it’s just that sexy. And that’s fine, but I really like it when I get to help develop a character mentally & not just physically. Not really looking just to be the T & A of a flick unless the price is right!!! 


What are the biggest misconceptions about you?
Not sure on even what the conceptions are. (lol) Well, maybe that I’m looking to do adult work…but I’m really not. No XXX for me. 


What’s the hardest part of being an actress in B-movies?
The driving!! Sometimes long days, low budgets, working w/ people not as professional (like other actors not showing up to shoot or people being late) we’re talking B-movies here, so even the weather can be a big pain. Not usually shooting in fancy studios…I’ve frozen my butt off more than once! 


What’s the best part?
The finished product & having a stranger come up to you & say I loved ya in _________…  Cool!! 


Who are your role models?
Not really any one particular person … just anyone that has a dream and tries the best they can to make it happen. If ya don’t try something your chance of success is 0. If you try, your chances are greater, and anything is better then 0. 


What do you hope to ultimately achieve in showbiz?
Just to roll with it and see what happens. I enjoy it so I hope to keep active in the industry for a long time & pursue all I can. 


What would be your advice to young actresses looking to break into B-horror flicks?
Go for it. Just be careful; there are plenty of scammers out there. Know who you’re going to meet like for an audition. See their work–search for them on the Net. Try to talk to others that have worked with them. Just use caution & be yourself. There are all kinds of characters in a flick that need all types of people to fill the space. If you’re picked for a role—remember–they picked you for a reason, and bring some of yourself out. 


What’s your message for America’s youth?
No one has more control over your future then yourself. Many have started with nothing & have risen to the stars … Take a chance at life & enjoy it.

Visit Syn DeVil at her official website.

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