How did you get into acting? ^ It was kind of an accident, actually. A director friend of mine had been hired to rework a very bad film (that shall remain nameless) and shot a new opening sequence using me. That was the first thing I actually did. 

Which film role of yours is your favorite and why? ^ I’d have to say my role as Cassie in Laume Conroy’s “Nightwalkers” was for sure my favorite so far. Cassie starts out as this kind of weak girl, then she’s faced with a life changing situation and rises to the occasion, with no thought for her own safety. There was real character development and transformation there, and I liked the challenge of bringing that to the screen. 

What do you like to see in a good horror movie? ^ I like the movie to actually be scary or disturbing in some way. A part of that would be good atmosphere (lighting, location, etc), and a good creepy soundtrack is a must. The characters need to be believable, and likable, if applicable. But what I really like to see in a good horror movie is sex, gore and violence! 

What’s the best part of making B-movies? ^ It’s cool on so many levels, you get to dress up in cool costumes and do things you would only normally get to do on Halloween. You get to be as crazy as you want, and it’s a GOOD thing. You meet a lot of really cool and interesting people and the schedules are usually pretty relaxed–and the shoots are fairly casual.  

What’s the downside? ^ The pay is for shit. 

What would people be surprised to learn about you? ^ I’m just as evil and crazy as the characters I play. 

What’s the wildest thing you’ve ever done in a movie? ^ Wow, thats actually tough… I’d have to say it was this scene I did for some movie–and in it I get attacked by a shaved Pomeranian–and it starts attacking and biting me. So, I’m topless and supposed to struggling with his tiny dog. So, the director starts the scene and me and the dog are both covered in blood, but the dog just stood there shaking. So I had to wrestle with the dog all Ed Wood style, that was probably the strangest thing so far. 

What sorts of roles would you like to tackle? And who would you really like to work with? ^ I actually would really like to tackle a role where I get to be some innocent, helpless victim. Since I usually get cast as evil, sexy or both. And as for who I’d like to work with, pretty much any director that has vision and wasn’t a jerkoff. Talent doesn’t hurt either.  

What would be your advice to young actresses looking to break into b-horror flicks? ^ If you have seen and love these movies and you’re not afraid to act, and show some skin (nudity), then go for it. You can’t think of the B-movie world in “Hollywood” terms, cuz it ain’t. The pay is low and the hours are long–but you can get your face out there. It’s a way around the “studio system” in some cases. If you’re acting and getting paid, then you’re doing better then most waiters, uh, I mean actors out there.  

What are your ultimate goals in showbiz? ^ I think at some point I’d like to have my own functioning production company…keyword, functioning.  

What’s your message for America’s youth? ^ Go buy my movies, even if you aren’t old enough to watch them! 
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