Has it been a challenge keeping all of the interested parties interested? ^ Not really. Everybody likes it so much. We all want to do it. I’m sure everybody would like me to call them up and say, “I’ve got the money, let’s go.” There’s a lot of anxiousness about when and how long it’s going to take. George and Richard are terrific. Everyone is. I regard them as family.
As producer, how involved are you in script and creative decisions? ^ Very. But again, we all just work well together. We discuss issues. George and I spent hours and hours discussing the first rewrite and I made my notes and so on. We just seem to find agreement very easily. When you write a script, you get very involved and sometimes you can’t see the forest for the trees. It’s always good to have another eye look at it. I’ve always been appropriately involved in it and I expect to continue that.
How does George Romero compare with other directors you’ve worked with? ^ George is an absolute sweetheart. He gets it done. He’s a friend. I’ve known him for many years. We don’t have to watch what we say because we know that nothing is personal. So if he says, “that’s a fucking stupid idea, Andrew” I don’t take it personally and vice versa. He’s a treasure to work with. I can’t say enough good about George. I think that a director and a producer have to get along well and the key is that they both want to make the same film. Surprisingly, lots of people think they want to make the same film but, in fact, they don’t. I respect that George is the director. I regard him as the captain of the ship.
Are you a fan of horror films? ^ Good horror films. Not all horror films are good. I don’t like stupid ones. There’s been some wonderful horror films. It’s a strange time because there have been some really classy ones. I think most of Wes Craven’s films are terrific because he just gets the genre. Some people get it and some don’t. I’ve seen some really stupid ones that just drove me nuts. I don’t like anything that’s gratuitous. I like it to be right for the story. Some people think that if you just do a lot of gore, that’s great. But if you look at Wes Craven films, there’s a lot of gore, but it seems to be right. Or even with George’s films the gore seems to be right. Then there are others who do it just because they think they should. A horror story’s got to spook you and intrigue you.
Will “Diamond Dead” satisfy a hardcore horror audience? ^ I don’t know. We want to stay true to the horror genre, we want to stay true to rock ‘n’ roll and we want to be funny. It’s a very peculiar mix. If someone is looking for an out-and-out horror film, they might have questions. I personally think that it will satisfy everybody because it’s honest and true to the genre. The band members are all zombies – dead — and I don’t mean the cutesy guy-next-door zombies. You may not want to move in with them but you might want to visit them for a party!
I’d like to think that horror fans will be happy with it. That’s down to Brian Cooper. He seemed to mix those three genres together. I think that when it’s horror it’s going to be horror and it is already very funny and the music is going to be great.
Has there been any trickle-down interest in “Diamond Dead” because of the success of the “Dawn of the Dead” remake and the name association with George Romero? ^ Yes, like I said earlier about people wanting to bet on a race after it’s over. All of a sudden people think there’s an audience for it. Very few people in the financing business care about making a good film. They care about making money. It’s certainly helped. It’s reinforced that there’s an audience there. Frankly, I don’t know why they did it. I hate remakes. You should never remake a good film, remake a bad film. But, whenever I saw Dawn of the Dead mentioned, everyone went to great lengths to talk about George. So I’m hoping that it will have a positive effect on “Diamond Dead”.
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