…Chris has a talent for creating bizarre characters and outlandish pop culture dialogue…he takes everything around him and makes it into something new. So personally, I think a lot of the guys that rag on his stuff are jealous because he’s able to make “lo-fi” moviemaking actually watchable…there’s no pretense to what he’s doing, he’s just creating silly party tapes. And you know what? He’s got a lot of fans and every disc that gets sold or borrowed, the list gets bigger. – J.R. Bookwalter, Tempe Video

How do you view the independent DVD distribution business? You’ve worked with Troma and Tempe. Do you feel that your films are being seen?
Oh HELL yes I feel they are being seen. I mean I can only reach so many people through the convention circuit (which is kick ass by the way), but distro gets my shit seen from Ohio to LA to England to Australia. I have fans from all over and it’s fuckin weird as fuck, but damn if I don’t love it. It’s one of the reasons I do this, to make people happy in someway. To make people talk or react in someway, good or bad. Distro helps a LOT of us indie peeps get noticed and there is NO downside to that. Hell no.

Conventions. Do they help or hurt? Are they for more than just getting wasted and picking up men, er, I mean, reviewing films and getting screeners?
The cons are amazing. I meet so many fans old and new and the community is so awesome. The atmosphere of some of these cons is just electric and exciting. I have made so much money, so many fans and so many FRIENDS through Conventions and I hope it continues. Horror cons are just what the indie world needs I think. I have been doing them for so long and when I first started doing them there was nobody “indie” wise doing them except us. I couldn’t understand it. The more years that past though the more they started popping up and I was jazzed, I got really excited. I suppose there is a down side to this too. As now anyone who makes a backyard flick thinks they can go to these cons and sell SHIT on toast to people…but hey at least they are trying. My stuff could be shit on toast, ya know? So whatever. It’s all good! Oh and Cinema Wasteland in Cleveland Ohio ROCKS!!!!

Is your main goal to stay independent, or are you seeking a career in film that could involve the studio system and Hollywood? Are you open to working with slightly more independent companies like Lion’s Gate and New Line?
You know what? I REALLY wanna stay indie. I love it. I love shooting on the cheap. I love the feel of being an indie filmmaker. I have to say this, though. I would make a film for Lions Gate and New Line for sure. To be honest I have ALWAYS loved New line for their horror side. Fuckin’ Freddy, Jason, Leatherface live there. Plus, if they can make a movie like “Harold and Kumar” then they could make a Heather and Puggly, or “Teenape and Bonejack”, wouldn’t you think??? I would take whatever the studio would pay me for a film or a script or whatever and I would pocket the dough and keep making my cheap ass movies. Only instead of making like 5 a year on my budget, I would make 10 a year on their money, ya get my drift? I don’t wanna be Hollywood. That’s not my thing. Of course I would take money from New Line or Lions Gate. Of course I would. But to live. I would not change the way I make my movies. They would still be crazy as fuck. I would like to get to Troma status. That would be good for LBP I think. I always thought in my head that if New Line or some company like that that takes risks wanted to do an LBP movie, say like “Destruction Kings” I would totally be on board. As long as it could still be fucked up AND how funny would it be to have Dave Chappelle play Teenape and Jamie Fox play Bonejack??? Fuckin funny as hell! I don’t know if I quenched that question correctly but..yeah…there you go.

Chris Seaver’s films already have a much deserved fan base, and have all the elements that spell cult success. Do I think he has what it takes to make it HUGE in Hollywood one day? yes I do. As some of you may know, a certain chubby guy from new Zealand, that won best director and best picture last year at the Oscars, was making low-budget splatterfests ten years ago. He even made a movie about puppets that fuck each other, eat shit and puke on rabbit hookers. – Andrew Shearer, Gonzoriffic Reviews

Who is the worst filmmaker alive today? (I am stuck between George Lucas and Steven Spielberg. Its funny, cause if you asked me when I was a kid who was the best filmmaker alive today, I would have been torn between George Lucas and Steven Spielberg.)
Well, People may think I am. They could be right. I haven’t really thought about that ever. I could tell you who I don’t like, but I think that would open up some HEAT!

Who is the best?
Well, there is no BEST in my book, But I LOVE Lloyd Kaufman, Quentin Tarantino, Peter Jackson, Sam Raimi, George Romero, Steve Wang, Anthony Hickox, John Waters, The Zucker brothers…

What’s next on the agenda?
Well, besides getting all of the DVD stuff ready for Tempe and Troma and editing “Mulva 2” we have a bunch of conventions coming up to promote the flicks including Twisted Nightmare Weekend, Cinema Wasteland, Dark X-mas and The Spooky Con. On the movie side of things I am finally going to start shooting “The Destruction Kings”. Putting “Teenape and Bonejack” together as partners in this flick has been a fan request for a LONG time and I am finally ready to get rolling on it. We have put out a call to fans to help produce the film to get us to the budget we want to be at. Fans can donate any amount and they will be put in the credits as co-producers and get a free copy of the flick when released and a Free DK T-shirt. I also REALLY want to shoot the film on the 24p mini DV and hopefully the fans will get us there. My plan is to shoot from October through December.

He wants to get this made, real bad.

Chris’ Filmography, uncut and complete

Commando Kids 1 through 10-1991

Bloody Bobby 1993

Jason Vs Freddy 1993

Dark Magic 1993

Four guys Named Mister (parody of Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction) 1994

Friday the 13th: Halloween Night (1994)

The Meter Man (1995)

From Almost Night Till Almost Day (Parody of From Dusk Till Dawn) (1996)

Meter Man 2 (1996)

Bloody Nipples (1997)

Anal Paprika (1999)

Anal Paprika 2(1999/2000)

Mulva: Zombie Ass Kicker (2000)

Anal Paprika 3 (2001)

Scrotal Vengeance (2001)

Filthy McNasty (2001)

Quest For The Egg Salad (2002)

Filthy McNastier: Maximum Douche (2002)

Apartment 22 (2002)

12 Inches Of Dangling Fury (2002)

Slumber Party Cheerleading Buchiachs get Slaughtered, Oh Word?(2003)

Bloody Giblets (2003)

Heather and Puggly Drop A Deuce (2004)

Filthy McNastiest: Apocalypse Fuck (2004)

Mulva 2: Kill Teenape (2004)

Get the rest of the story in part four of CHRIS SEAVER’S TRASH IS BETTER THAN YOURS>>>

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