I started this article by saying that there is no more good beer in the trashy film fridge. That’s not really true. There’s a keg of Mr. Seaver, for one. There are also some nice smooth cans of Ryan Cavalline at 4th floor pictures, and Rick Popko of 4321 Pictures. And I’m sure there are many more, just waiting to explode in a frothy froth of sweet honey mead onto film.

Lets take a moment to honor those trashy film veterans like Peter Jackson and Sam Raimi, who have surpassed everyone’s expectations of them in the past decade. And take a look at Chris Seaver while you can, cause he’s going places too.

How did Chris get real distribution? J.R. Bookwalter of Tempe Video, his distributor, tells the story of low budget success…

Chris Seaver first crossed my path by way of Debbie Rochon. During the shoot for “Dead & Rotting”, Debbie showed me this ridiculously over-the-top flick called “Mulva: Zombie Ass Kicker” which she had done a cameo for. I was laughing hysterically, in particular at this whack job playing Mr. Bonejack! Turns out that was Chris himself in black face makeup with a Don King wig. Anyway, this tape winds up floating around to other cast & crew members on D&R and soon everyone is quoting the movie and a new cult audience is born.

At the time I was preparing a Limited Special Edition for our previous Full Moon production, “Hell Asylum, so I got the idea to put “Mulva” on there as an extra. I contacted Chris via e-mail, who was thrilled since this would be the first real distribution his movies would have. I wound up cutting out about 15 minutes of the movie to pick up the pace and meanwhile, Chris is readying another film called “Filthy McNasty”…this one actually starring Debbie. She calls me from the set to tell me how hysterical it is, so I blindly cut a deal with Chris to include it on the forthcoming “Dead & Rotting” Limited Special Edition.

Of course, when I actually see “Filthy”, I become a little concerned about putting it on there because there’s a scene with a guy masturbating with his own feces! I know some of the D&R cast & crew were a little turned off by it.

I also signed up Chris’ “Quest for the Egg Salad”, which was not a movie I felt as strongly about, but I figured with a good “Lord of the Rings” parody cover we’d sell some units. It’s been a much slower seller than the “Mulva/Filthy” Double Feature, but it does sell and we recently included it in a 3-pack called “Freaks & Deviants” to help boost the sales also.

In fact, the “Mulva/Filthy” Double Feature has sold well enough to convince me to go back and make Chris some new deals, including a straight buyout of those titles as well as him creating sequels for them. In early 2005 we’ll be releasing “Filthy McNasty: Trilogy of Filth”, which will include the original film and its two sequels, complete with some extras. And following on its heels will be “Mulva 2: Kill Teenape”, which will likely include the original as a bonus as well. We’ll also continue to offer the “Mulva/Filthy Double Feature disc by itself.

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