“Hmmmmm…..why might I have been carrying my gun? Well, when you have someone around who is putting your life in danger, and making you be around shady drug deals, you might think having a gun around is a smart thing. At the station, they just said, ‘We are going to keep the gun and we can’t give it back.’ At least they did not charge me with anything in regards to the gun. But they had enough already. I was being charged with obstruction of official business — because of their coming out for the ‘kidnapping’. Then I had an empty pill bottle that the boyfriend had asked me to carry one of his prescriptions in, so they threw a drug charge on me. That one had me a little outraged since I don’t even touch drugs and out of the two of us, I end up with the drug charge!

“Then comes the big problem. When they went in my purse looking for my I.D., which is the first thing you see when you open my wallet, they found some of my money and also someone else’s. (That was why it was separated!) Because when someone – God, I wonder who? – would go on their drug binges, this person had me hold their money. Well, the money in question was not real! Yes, indeed: counterfeit!

“Now just what I need: another all night interrogation! So, naturally, that meant the Secret Service got called in. Now, I must say those guys were about the only people that acted professionally in this whole ordeal. But, of course without a lawyer there was really nothing I could say to them to straighten things out either. So there was another charge. Since I had my lap top in the hotel room they took it to examine it. This, of course, stressed me a bit since the boyfriend had been on my computer and I know he was curious about this type money since he had been paid in or somehow obtained this bad money. So I just had to hope he had not done anything stupid on there. I guess he did not since they ended up giving the computer back months later.

“Well, then it was off to jail for the night—by now about 5am—until my family could make the drive up from the Atlanta, Ga, area to bond me out. Hmmm….I got strip searched while the boyfriend did not. Then came the inappropriate comments, again, while waiting for a female officer to come—the guys saying ‘If I was female, I’d do it’. While kind of amusing it was still not right, saying, ‘She’s going to be full service.’ Well, I quickly reminded them of my latex allergy. That, you might say, saved my ass! I really do have a latex allergy so that would have been a disaster. When the lady proceeded to do my search all she did was question me about my breast implants.

“Then, after the rest of the processing, I was taken to a glass room for awhile with two women who appeared to be sleeping off a drunk. They lead another group of women by, each one lunging at the glass toward me. There were two other glass rooms full of women they made no notice of. So I can only assume someone put them up to this.

“A little later, I was taken to a room by myself, if I had not asked for food I would not have gotten any. In my room there, of course, was a sink and toilet. I really needed to wash my face because I still had on make-up from the night before. They were nice enough to enclose me in a room with only a working toilet — no running water from the sink. I can honestly say it is the only time I have ever had to wash my face with toilet water! I thought that even in places like this you are supposed to be afforded running water—this is not some Middle East prison!

“There were some really nifty sounds being piped into the intercom in my room (I have no way of knowing if it was just to my room or not), but it sounded like either a rape or at the very least a very demanding sexual act. Several times I may add. Late afternoon, I got out. I went to the hotel and was never so glad to see my bunny as I was then. I was really worried about her because they had threatened to take her to the pound. Once I was out I had so wanted to go straight to a news station to tell them of the mistreatment, but fear stopped me. That night I had to stay around and appear in court the following day. When I tried to go get something to eat that evening I was crying so hard that when the waiter tried to take my order that someone else with me had to place it for me. I could not believe I was going though all this and having to endure all this just because of a misunderstanding between two men in my life. I have learned to keep corruption from both sides of the law out of my life.

“The ordeal lasted months. The state tried to have a grand jury to indict us for extortion. But once they realized the client would not be a willing witness they dropped it. I don’t know why I was being railroaded. It was like they were on a witch hunt. The client and I have stayed in touch and he told me all the things the prosecutor was saying about me to him. Some of these people are so career-driven they will screw over anyone to get a conviction.

“I don’t do drugs or make bad money. For months, I was tormented with a court date hanging over my head. I told my lawyer the whole story and he did not try to get them to drop the charges, he just let it go. I have never, ever, wanted to kill myself but thought seriously of it in those months. If I had to spend any amount of time in that place they refer to as the “justice center”, I’m certain I may have taken my life. I could not have endured the things they were implying would be done to me if they had me there.

“From December to May I was not able to do much because of all the stress and worry. It ended up with the drug charge getting dropped and me getting fined. It could have ended a lot worse and I’m pretty certain they wanted it to. All this stuff made me look guilty of things I was not truly guilty of. I really could not have written a better movie plot. It’s like one of those movies when the viewer knows the reasons for things and knows the person is not guilty even though it appears they are.”

Get the rest of the interview in part four of THE LONG LAST YEAR OF LILITH STABS>>>

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