It’s a lot to comprehend and take in. What Lilith revealed above, very honestly, shows a network of bad decisions leading to a lot of circumstantial evidence. The fact that it ended on a positive note means that our judicial system does, on occasion, actually work. But it’s the police procedural in question. And if not the procedure, then the handling of the matter. And we ask ourselves how Abu Ghraib could ever have happened.

“I’m still dealing with a lot of effects from it,” Lilith continues. “It messes with you as far as costing you money that could be put to better use. And it messes with you emotionally. I already deal with a lot of stress in my life, so adding all this to it was more than I ever dreamed I’d have to deal with. If I think about it, it’s so tragic that I was treated so badly and nobody even knew the real truth, except my lawyer, but he did not use it to get the charges dropped. It wasn’t my fault and I’m not guilty of the things they thought I was even though it did appear that way—it was more like they were just happy get someone and wreck their life. I know it made me realize if it happened to me there must be others! I hate to think of someone rotting away in that place just because it makes someone else feel powerful and it’s a good career move to convict them. I know most of the people really did something to end up where they are. There are always exceptions and those are the ones I feel bad for. Every bad thing that I deal with makes me a stronger and smarter person and I am, so that is the only positive thing I can say about all this.”

Obviously, the past year wasn’t the most profitable for Lilith, who had little time to do much acting. “I’m sure that anyone in the biz that knew what was going on probably thought it would not have been the time to ask me to work. And also the people who were close enough to know all of the details knew how stressful this was to me and knew I needed to just deal with getting it taken care of before really getting back to work. I think about the only things I did career-wise during that time was shoot some photos for my website and attend one convention (oddly enough, in Ohio). So I guess it kind of put any new work on hold for awhile.”

Prior to Dark X-Mas, she was working on a project that seemed like a sure-fire, girl-power hit entitled “Boys Gone Wild”, taking the time-honored tradition of making drunk women expose themselves on tape and turning it around on the men. That project, too, died on the past year’s vine.

“During all the legal mess was the time I was supposed to be completing it. But since I was unsure of what was happening I did not get anything done. And someone (I believe the guy from “Girls Gone Wild”) decided to put out their own “Boys Gone Wild”. So with him having such a larger budget it did not seem like such a great plan anymore. So thanks to this mess I had to give up a project that could have been really financially rewarding for me.”

One bright spot is the release of Amy Lynn Best’s horror/comedy, “Severe Injuries”, in which Lilith stars as the heroic (and sex-starved) sorority girl who helps save the house from a bumbling killer. It’s a very different role for Lilith, and one she handles with remarkable ease, garnering her very good reviews. “Just in time for Christmas! This is good, I think those that haven’t seen it yet will enjoy it. I had fun at the shoot and think it went very smoothly. I think Amy did a great job as a director. And in particular she seemed to pay attention to detail and get what she wanted and needed from the scenes.”

With the law troubles behind her, Lilith has been able to return her focus to her career, with one tiny side-step to pursue a separate interest: Atomic Thunder Bunny. “Well, it’s really just an ebay store,” she explains. “I have designed some clothing but that is not primarily what I sell. I sell retro, goth, urban clothing and pretty much all other styles too. Sterling silver jewelry, a lot of t-shirts. Pretty much a variety of items.”

As for what’s coming up in the future: “I hate to talk about upcoming projects unless they have already been filmed,” she says with a laugh. “The reason is that in this industry, a lot of times things are supposed to take place that don’t, so I’ve learned don’t talk about it until it’s at least filmed.”

Lilith finishes and quietly sips her coffee. She doesn’t look like a crazed, drug-addled counterfeiter or the mastermind of a faux-kidnapping plot. She doesn’t look like an evil vampire, or even someone who would go out of their way to be mean to someone. She doesn’t even look the worse for wear after the ordeal she’d been through. She just looks like my friend, and I share her relief that the last year is now behind her.

And she’d like to leave everyone with this thought: “Before you judge something or someone think about, you may not always be right.”

You can visit Lilith on the web at and

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