Intrepid Film Threat reader Matthew McClane sleuthed out the following creepy similarities between the recent “Blair Witch 2″ and the wacky exploits of the “Scooby Doo” gang. Witness the following…
1. A lot of time riding around in a van. ^ [ Blair Witch: ] Van. ^ [ Scooby: ] The Mystery Machine.
2. Five young characters investigating the paranormal. ^ [ Scooby: ] 2 girls, 2 guys and a male dog (Scooby). ^ [ Blair Witch: ] 2 girls, 2 guys and a dog (the Goth Chick).
3. Use of controlled substances. ^ [ Blair Witch: ] Beer and pot. ^ [ Scooby: ] Scooby Snacks.
4. Adults are shown as idiotic or just mean. ^ [ Scooby: ] The typical “I woulda gotten away with it, too” villian. ^ [ Blair Witch: ] The Burkittsville Sheriff.
5. Prominently-featured “hot red-heads.” ^ [ Blair Witch: ] The wiccan, Erika. ^ [ Scooby: ] The vixen, Daphne.
6. Many hallucinations had by the kids. ^ [ Blair Witch: ] They often see/hear children laughing, killing each other. ^ [ Scooby: ] They believe they own a large talking dog with self-assertiveness issues. (He’s always crying and whimpering).
7. Flagrant use of lesbianism. ^ [ Blair Witch: ] The orgy in the woods sequence. ^ [ Scooby: ] Velma.
8. Happy endings. ^ [ Scooby: ] The gang always discovers and foils the crime. ^ [ Blair Witch: ] Many of the main characters are violently and horribly killed.
Read the [ Film Threat Review ] of “Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2″ here.

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