Mark takes a bold stance on the topic of Charlie Brown animated specials, much to Don’s dismay, and the two talk TRON: Legacy before rambling begins about the duo’s potential picks for their Top Ten Films of 2010…

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Posted on December 21, 2010 in Podcasts by

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  1. Bwakathaboom on Wed, 22nd Dec 2010 12:51 pm 

    I shall be the Great Mediator…

    You’re both right about Charlie Brown. The specials are delightful classics that are also boring and hard to watch as an adult.

    You’re both wrong about Boyz II Men :)

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  2. Bwakathaboom on Wed, 22nd Dec 2010 11:17 pm 

    I wanted to ask, can either of you honestly say that “A Serbian Film” is actually “good”?

    I keep hearing about how shocking it is, how it may be a cultural milestone (in terms of a new low, I suppose) but nothing about it being a good, worthwhile movie.

    You can get shock value watching “2 Girls 1 Cup”, that doesn’t mean it belongs on the festival circuit. There are so many other arguably better films people could watch, does “A Serbian Film” really belong on a top 10 list for the year?

    I just don’t know that shock for its own sake should get a free pass. I don’t see that as much different than Tron: Legacy getting a free pass from dorks based on nostalgia.

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  3. Mark Bell on Thu, 23rd Dec 2010 10:45 am 

    I’ve had a ton to say about “A Serbian Film” over the course of this year, and a good starting point for my opinion is my review… because I wrote quite a bit:

    I don’t pretend to speak for the intentions of the filmmakers behind the film, but I also don’t think it is simply “shock for its own sake.” I think the cinematography is beautiful, the pacing and structure of the story keeps you looking when you know you should start to look away and the acting performance by the lead to be brave and wonderful. So, for me, I think it is a very good movie… that I have trouble suggesting anyone else watch, because while I think it is a very good movie, as Don points out, it is mean-spirited, probably soul-less and, you know… there are things you see, and ideas expressed, that you can’t clean from your head. This is a movie you need to prepare yourself for, and make a conscious decision to experience. Some can handle it; most cannot.

    I don’t give the film a free pass for being shocking. I find it interesting that the film has to go as far as it goes in order to be shocking, because of the desensitization of today’s audience would render anything less as disturbing, but not truly shocking. I don’t think the film’s value, if it has any, is in its shock, but I do find that aspect interesting, personally.

    Finally, as I pointed out to Don… this is MY top ten, based on what I saw this year and what has really impacted me. I could work from the Oscar shortlist and make my top ten from those flicks like so many others, but I either haven’t personally seen all of those films, or I’ve been more moved by others (like “Waking Sleeping Beauty,” for example). For me, “A Serbian Film” is a top-notch film with some of the worst imagery and ideas expressed. It may never be able to justify its existence socially (I have trouble doing so with the film), but that doesn’t mean I should ignore it when I think of the films that really affected me and would be on my personal top ten.

    Believe me, I think on all this stuff way more than I may let on, so when I name my top ten films in the full list, you have to understand that, agree or disagree, they truly are my top ten.

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  4. Ryan Harper Gray on Fri, 24th Dec 2010 2:35 am 

    Charles Brown is boring. Sorry Don

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  5. Ryan Harper Gray on Fri, 24th Dec 2010 3:47 pm 

    I said Charlie Brown was boring in my last post…. With that said I do love this song
    Depressing for a Christmas song yes but hell I love Bon Iver.

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