3.5 Stars
Year Released: 2008
MPAA Rating: Unrated
Running Time: 100 minutes
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If this were 20 years ago, “Goregasm” would be revered as an instant exploitation classic, putting other films of its ilk – such as the notoriously hideous “Violent Shit” – to shame. Self-proclaimed as “a horror sex comedy for the modern extremist,” “Goregasm” is chock full of gore, nekkidity and bad behavior and may just have what it takes to turn even the most hardened horror aficiando into a babbling sissy. But is this movie’s core audience too jaded nowadays? With the advent of digital filmmaking, an endless stream of these sleaze “epics” have been coming down the pike from all corners of the world at a rapid pace…many of them mysteriously finding their way to Film Threat HQ. Each of these movies pushes boundaries, breaks taboos and attempts to be even more depraved than its predecessors. Have we become numb to it all? And if we are so jaded, could we possibly find any entertainment value in something like “Goregasm”?

The answer to the first question is – yeah, a little. The answer to the second question – fuck yes!

“Goregasm” introduces us to the Cockface Killer – a masked freak with a dildo dangling from his chin. The Cockface Killer makes victims out of the sexually active. Two potential victims – porn store clerk Mark and his girlfriend, escape one of the dickfaced maniac’s attacks. Mark serves as our hero of sorts as he leads a crusade to stop the Cockface Killer. Standing in his way is a sleazy cop who refuses to believe in the existence of the Cockface Killer, instead theorizing that the killings are being commited by someone punishing a bogus list of 13 fetishes. And then there’s the militant and bearded female gang known as CLAM who go around enslaving men for the purposes of ass raping them and making them suck dicks at a pay-per-play glory hole stationed at the porn store Mark is employed at.

Word to the wise: Do not use glory holes. You never know what’s on the other side.

Rarely a frame goes by in this movie that something disgusting isn’t going on – genital mutilations, brutal sex, flying bodily fluids, weird fetishes, poop…a lot of it is bound to just wash over you, especially if you dine on a steady cinematic diet of filth, but there are still plenty of direct hits here, so even die hard perverts will find plenty to giggle and gag over.

There’s also plenty of boobs and va-jay-jay. Did I mention that? Well, it’s true. The girls here range from homely gals with a little extra padding to hot alterna-chicks. So for those whose tastes run more towards the (not necessarily hot) punker girl next door – prepare your boners.

I think “Goregasm” definitely stands out from the pack of gore epic wannabes. It certainly has one helluva mean streak and a twisted fuckin’ sense of humor to match. One could assume that filmmaker Jason Matherne has some screws loose – and that works to our benefit. But what really stood out for me here is that “Goregasm” never cheats (or at least it doesn’t appear to) its locations. If the characters are at an adult video store – they’re at an adult video store, if they’re at a strip club – they’re at a strip club, if they’re at a sleazy dive bar – you get the picture. Many other “filmmakers” would be carelessly dressing up their mom’s living room to look like a strip club, or using their garage as a makeshift police station. It happens. I’ve seen it. And it’s bullshit. Low budget filmmaking isn’t an excuse for laziness. The filmmakers behind “Goregasm” don’t seem lazy – sick puppies, yeah – but you get the feeling that a lot of hard work went into the making of this movie.

In conclusion – Will “Goregasm” scare you? Not likely. Will it gross you out? Probably. Can you pull your hammer to it? Definitely.

Recommended to degenerates.

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