Mark Bell
Maple Shade, New Jersey
A veteran of the film festival circuit, Mark was an associate producer of the Slamdance Film Festival and has also acted as a videographer/reporter for both Slamdance and the Seattle International Film Festival. In 2003, Mark became Senior Account Executive of Film Threat DVD before becoming Editor-in-Chief of FilmThreat.com from 2005-2009. Mark has appeared as a film pundit of G4 TV’s Attack of the Show, and has also been a featured panel speaker at numerous film festivals.

Eric Campos
Los Angeles, California
Not very nice at all. When not slavedriving his devoted staff of contributors, he spreads his ramblings to such outlets as Alternative Cinema Magazine and VH-1. Convinced everyone is on dope. Eric’s proudest stories on the site include Sid Yost: Lord of the Chimps, Herschell Gordon Lewis: The Godfather of Gore Returns, From “Beat the Geeks” Straight to the Crapper, Bridget’s Midget Power among others.

Phil Hall
New York, New York
Phil has written about cinema for the New York Times, New York Daily News, Hartford Courant, Wired Magazine, American Movie Classics Magazine, Tower Records Pulse! Magazine and the Organica Quarterly. He is the author of several books, including “Independent Film Distribution” and “The History of Independent Cinema.” Beyond film journalism, he is a former United Nations correspondent for Fairchild Broadcast News and a writer and editor for technology and financial publications.

Don R. Lewis
Petaluma, California
Prior to diving into the tepid waters of Indie films, Don Lewis wrote for the “American Music Press” and Santa Rosa Jr. College’s “The Oak Leaf” on which he served as Editor in Chief as well. Don Lewis hates referring to himself in the third person so, ALA Julio Cortazar’s “Blow Up” (and in a way, Antonioni’s adaptation I guess) “He” shall now become I. Aside from studying Screenwriting at California State Northridge, I also manage a band from the Bay Area called five a.m. I am also an avid San Francisco Giants fan and, for some reason, a die hard New York Jets fan. I am also becoming strangely engrossed with the L.A. Avengers, but PLEASE don’t tell anyone. Of course, I also love film and reading. I have yet to accomplish many of my goals, but I was named “Boy of the Year” at the Petaluma Boys and Girls Club in 1986. It was all downhill from there. However, I did make a brief resurgence to the podium in 2002 when my short documentary film “Stringers” won “Achievement in Editing” and “Achievement in Sound” at the College of Marin Film Festival. I was also awarded “Best Character Driven Screenplay.” It was a lovely evening for Team Lewis. Who says pandering to the critics hurts your chances?
Of my many reviews, I am most proud of the ones I did on Standing in the Shadows of Motown, The Day My God Died and Scouts Honor.
I also enjoyed my reviews of Britney Baby-One More Time
and Grownups because they incited rage from the filmmakers which was ironic, since that’s what they induced in me. Plus, those reviews made me realize there are real people behind the art which was a valuable lesson as I then learned to hide behind a fake name when being an asshole.
In closing, I sincerely love Film Threat and value the opportunity to keep writing, keep seeing movies for free and to make Gore let me watch football at Gorewalker Ranch on Sundays.

Matthew Sorrento
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
A regular contributor to PopMatters when not philosophizing and sermonizing on Film Threat, Matt has also written for Bright Lights Film Journal and Senses of Cinema. A purveyor of cinema both good and bad, he was (dis)honored by the LA Times as one of the “crankiest film critics of 2007.” He serves as editor of the film section of Identity Theory when he’s not teaching writing at Camden County College or lecturing on film at Rutgers University in Camden.

Pete Vonder Haar
Houston, Texas
Pete is still on his starter marriage. He writes mainstream movie reviews, the briefly relevant Star Wars Report, and the semi-permanently on hiatus “Footage Fetishes” column (which is huge in Japan) for Film Threat. He also blogs for the Houston Press, and is was a feature writer for NewType-USA. Pete likes Sumatran coffee, Irish whiskey, and Mexican wrestling, so be sure to look for his cosmopolitan wit and shrewd perspective on realpolitik in columns deconstructing such classic movies as Flash Gordon, Return of the Living Dead, and To Live and Die in L.A. One of the FilmThreat.com pieces he’s most proud of is his tribute to Warren Zevon. Pete’s favorite band is was the now-defunct Slobberbone.

Nick Antosca
New York, New York
Nick Antosca is the author of the novels Midnight Picnic (Word Riot Press, 2009) and Fires (Impetus Press, 2006). His writing has appeared in Nerve, The New York Sun, Identity Theory, The Barcelona Review, The Antietam Review, The Huffington Post, Hustler, Interview Magazine, and others. He lives in New York and was born in New Orleans.

Rory Aronsky
Santa Clarita, California
Rory has written film and video reviews for the Sun-Sentinel’s Teentime section for three years (The paper is based in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida with offices throughout South Florida) and had an internship at their office in Weston before graduating high school. Currently, he does freelance work for the Sentinel’s community sections. Rory also writes about movies for a monthly local magazine entitled “The Palms”, which is distributed to 3,000 residents of Pembroke Pines.

Jessica Baxter
Seattle, Washington
Jessica Baxter has written and directed several award-winning short films, including the horror-comedy, “Snow Day, Bloody Snow Day.” In addition to her work with Film Threat, her burgeoning web journalism includes writing restaurant and bar reviews for Not For Tourists. She also helps produce music videos and documentaries for King of Hearts Productions. In her minimal spare time she shares her opinions about pop culture, local issues and whatever strikes her fancy/annoyance via her blog, Effed by the Wind.

Merle Bertrand
Austin, Texas
Merle has contributed to Film Threat since the early days of the infamous Film Threat Video Guide. A veteran film producer and AD as well as a writer, he’s also written for such publications as American Cinematographer, The Hollywood Reporter, and Alternative Cinema Magazine. An avid ELO and Chicago sports fan who blames Raiders of the Lost Ark and Blade Runner for sucking him into this business, Merle lives in Austin, Texas with his girlfriend Kristina and a menagerie of pets, all of which show more personality than the typical Hollywood movie.

Doug Brunell
Eureka, California
Reviewer and “Excess Hollywood” columnist, Doug Brunell, is currently doing time in Northern California. He has written for several magazines and web sites, including “Tattoo Savage,” “Panache,” “Pagan Palaver,” Fearlessbooks.com, “Eye” and “Gray Areas.” He also writes the “Violence Fetish E-mail Attack,” which is directly responsible for getting Bush Jr. elected. Thanks to Film Threat, Mr. Brunell was also a presenter at the 2003 Academy Awards. His favorite pieces for Film Threat include the reviews for Hacks, I Stand Alone and Dick Baby (but only because that one is a total slam against the worst movie ever made). Friends and family often refer to him as a “white devil,” and he enjoys prostitutes and writing erotic poetry to Tori Spelling.

Stina Chyn
Atlanta, Georgia
A native Atlantan, Stina Chyn prides herself the most on three unique talents. She is ambidextrous, multi-lingual, and an expert on the Asian Pop Music scene. A graduate of Emory University with a BA and MA in Film Studies, Stina is renowned for her ability to take notes with both hands in four languages. Paradise for Stina would be the world of Audrey Hepburn movies with a soundtrack by Jeff Buckley or Toad the Wet Sprocket. Stina has been writing film reviews since high school and has dabbled in independent filmmaking to experience first-hand the process of creating what she loves to critique. When she isn’t absorbed by the sights and sounds of cinema, Stina can be found blogging about her favorite NFL teams.

Brad Cook
Brad Cook has been a freelance writer for about a decade. He’s been making a living at it since 2000. He currently writes marketing pieces for Apple’s Games site, success stories for Palm’s Web site, and research reports for Off the Record Research. He also does some sporadic editing for Thomson Financial. He writes DVD reviews for Film Threat, an endeavor that supplements the screenplay he’s been working on for way too long.

Brad previously wrote for The Mac Observer, MacCentral, BrandChannel.com, All Game Guide, and Carpe Noctem, indy, and MAIN magazines, among other publications small and large, digital and print. He graduated from Rutgers University in 1992 and currently lives in northern California with his wife, two kids, and a cat. His neighbors don’t understand the work-from-home thing.

KJ Doughton
Seattle, Washington
KJ Doughton has spent twenty years rooting for the underdogs of entertainment. In 1982, he ran the first official fan club for Metallica during their radical “Kill ‘em All” days (eventually authoring the band bio “Metallica Unbound” ten years later, for Warner Books), and tirelessly promoted similar bands through magazine write-ups, demo tape trading, and fanzine fabrication.

Eventually, he turned his promotional talents to touting films that “go to eleven,” including “The Road Warrior,” “Hard Boiled,” “Deliverance,” “Audition,” “Re-Animator,” “Pulp Fiction,” “Requiem for a Dream,” and “Taxi Driver.” All the same, he’ll admit to openly weeping while admiring “El Norte,” “A River Runs Through It,” “American Heart,” and the kinder, gentler cinematic catalogues of Carroll Ballard and Steven Spielberg.

His articles have appeared in “Guitar World”, “The Rocket”, “Bay Area
Monthly”, “Tower Pulse”, “Moviemaker”, “Nitrate Online”, “Arts and Opinion”, and “Kamera”.

KJ’s favorite self-scribed Film Threat contributions include Takashi Miike on Pins and Needles, Stuart Gordon’s Body of Work, Ondi Timoner: Digging For Gold, City of God, Bad Santa, and his yearly coverage of the Seattle International Film Festival.

Michael Ferraro
Orlando, Florida
Childhood dreams of becoming a Scientist or a Zoologist were crushed in the summer of 1991, when he and his mother moved to Florida at the peak of his childhood. Saddened by the loss of his friends, and the heat and boredom the Sunshine State offers, he often took himself to the cinema. And it was this summer, after viewing James Cameron’s masterpiece: Terminator 2: Judgment Day, that he realized film was what he wanted to get into. After high school and film school, he spent a few years trying out screenwriting, cinematography and direction; Mike became a failure of the industry. Like many failures, he tried his hand at film criticism, where he found his niche and finally discovered something he truly loved. Not only does he currently write for Film Threat, he is also a staff writer of the entertainment section of The Central Florida Future, called The Indie. Sure, it may be a paper geared toward The University of Central Florida, but it is still a publication nonetheless. Least favorite film of all time: Gladiator.

Violet Glaze
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Violet Glaze is a film critic and educator whose writing has appeared in Baltimore City Paper, Urbanite, Baltimore Magazine, PopMatters and numerous other print and online publications. She was a contributor for Defining Moments in Movies: The Greatest Films, Stars, Scenes and Events that Made Movie Magic (Cassell Illustrated) and recently completed a five-year stint as on-air film critic for 89.7 WTMD. A recent Philadelphia transplant, she has yet to run up the museum steps with her fists in the air like Rocky. You can read her work and listen to her radio appearances at www.violetglaze.com.

Paul Goebel
Los Angeles, California
Paul is an actor and stand-up comedian who has been seen on such TV shows as Will & Grace, Ally McBeal and Curb Your Enthusiasm. Most importantly, Paul is the King of TV Trivia and has appeared on numerous TV and radio programs. At the start of the millennium, Paul proved himself to be the King of TV Trivia by taking the top spot in TV Land’s Ultimate Fan Search earning him a wealth of prizes including his own hour to host and program on TV Land’s weekly schedule. He has been featured in “Maxim” and “People” magazine as well as “TV Guide.” Besides Film Threat.com, Paul has contributed to Zap2it.com, ComedyCentral.com as well as his own website TheKingofTV.com. Currently, Paul can be seen regularly on Comedy Central’s gameshow, Beat the Geeks as the resident “TV Geek” and is recognized as the country’s leading expert in TV trivia. Paul spends at least 30 hours a week watching television (his favorite shows are Bosom Buddies and St. Elsewhere) and in his spare time, is a Tom Jones impersonator.
Paul has written TV related pieces for Film Threat such as The 10 Worst TV Shows Made Into Movies and The 5 Best TV Shows Made Into Movies.

Chris Gore
Los Angeles, California
Chris has built a solid reputation as the hilariously honest and down-to-earth founder of Film Threat. He started Film Threat as a college fanzine in Detroit. As the fanzine evolved into a respected national magazine, Chris relocated to Los Angeles where the magazine became famous for covering cult films, midnight movies, underground shorts and, before a market even emerged, independent films. The print magazine was retired in 1997 when it was relaunched as the web site you are reading now.

He is the author of “The Ultimate Film Festival Survival Guide,” which has fast become the bible for filmmakers hoping to launch careers on the festival circuit. Having attended over 100 film festivals since the age of 12, Chris is a self-described Film Activist and a champion of independent films. He has been called everything from “an easier to
relate to Roger Ebert, free of the celebrity status and preachiness…” to the “pit bull of movie journalism.” He was also named one of LA’s 50 Most Interesting People by Los Angeles magazine.

In addition to being a noted speaker and author, Chris has been featured as a commentator on numerous television shows including the E! True Hollywood Story, the FOX Network, MTV, the Independent Film Channel, and he is currently the host of “Festival Pass with Chris Gore” for Starz, a travel program that treats audiences to an inside look at film festivals. Chris is also the host of a new show for the Independent Film Channel called “IFC’s Search for the Ultimate Film Fanatic” a game show featuring movie geeks.

Recently, Chris turned to filmmaking producing Film Threat’s first feature, the comedy My Big Fat Independent Movie, where he also served as the film’s co-screenwriter. My Big Fat Independent Movie is set for release in 2004.
Get more Gore at Chris’ personal web site ChrisGore.com.

Zachary Haddad
Ventura, California
Zack is a loose cannon with a love of zombie films and the cat-like reflexes of a… um… cat?

Amy R. Handler
Boston, Massachusetts
Amy R. Handler is a Boston-based filmmaker, film scholar, and writer. Her work concerns ordinary people living their mundane lives. However, in so doing, something extraordinary happens. Handler’s films and writing tend to be speculative, examining time, fate and coincidence. She also makes us notice we all have the capacity for good and evil, often presenting at the same time. Aside from her gig at Film Threat, her work has appeared in Cineaste, Splizz, and others. She is presently writing several chapters in a book entitled German Cinema: A Critical Filmography to 1945.

Rick Kisonak
Burlington, Vermont
Rick hails from a remote outpost in the Green Mountains and has risen over the past twenty years to become a unique and respected voice in the fields of media and film criticism. Featuring a signature mix of insight and humor, his work appears along side that of Roger Ebert, Owen Gleiberman, Peter Travers, Elvis Mitchell and other reviewers for the country’s most prominent publications on outlets such as Metacritic.com. A member of the prestigious Broadcast Film Critics Association (producers of the annual Critic’s Choice Awards), Kisonak has hosted the popular entertainment feature Art Patrol on the NBC affiliate WPTZ TV since 1984 and reaches an audience numbering in the millions throughout upstate New York, Vermont, New Hampshire and Montreal. He writes two columns for the weekly newspaper “Seven Days,” hosts a longrunning radio feature on film for Hall Communications and is a frequent contributor to Film Threat where his pithy analysis invariably is embraced by readers with an appreciation bordering on reverence (for an example, see Vin Weasels.) Rick Kisonak lives in Burlington, Vermont with his wife, two children and the nagging suspicion that things might have been different if he lived in a major market.

Mariko McDonald
Montreal, Canada
Mariko is a freelance film critic and proud Canadian, currently stationed in fabulous Montreal. She has been writing for Film Threat since 2004, doing reviews and the popular “Den of Sin” column. She has contributed to Terminal City weekly in Vancouver and the Montreal Gazette and you can hear her guest star occasionally on the weekly Sound on Sight movie podcast. She is also the founder and curator of “Evil Film School”, a monthly underground screening series in Vancouver that ran from 2005 to 2007. Her favorite film of all time is still La Passion de Jeanne d’Arc by Carl Dreyer..

Tim Merrill
Los Angeles, California
Tim has written about movies, music and other topics for the magazines Fade In and, more recently – no kidding – Gene Simmon’s Tongue. He has written many music video treatments; only one was produced, but it was for John Lennon’s song “Losing You”, so that was okay. He is also a screenwriter, which he realizes is not-very-unusual in L.A. He keeps at it anyway, though. Tim was born and raised in Our Nation’s Capital (that would be Washington, D.C. – yes, people can actually be from there.) His abiding obsessions are the movies and music of the 1960s and 70s. Favorite quote: “It’s one big plastic hassle.” (“Psych-Out”, 1968) And yes, he has been this way since 1968. Tim’s most proud of these pieces: Wearing Thin, Tribute, Star Wars Episode II, Ghost World and Irreversible.

Dennis Przywara
Los Angeles, California
Dennis spent six years as a circus midget for a traveling sideshow. After realizing that he would not get any shorter, he left the rag tag world of performance art and moved to Los Angeles, where he not only contributes to Film Threat, but to Chris Gore’s massive drinking habit. Dennis is also the proud new owner of a BMX Mongoose he got with his paper route money and is planning to go to Cedar Point with his Dungeons and Dragons Club. Dennis recently produced/directed the award winning film Starwoids, a stranger than fiction documentary about Star Wars fans and their six week/line waiting quest to see The Phantom Menace. He was also a programmer at the Los Angeles Film Festival for four years. Dennis’s favorite Film Threat stories are: Lucas Goes Hollywood, Pulgasari, The Incredibly Strange People Show. Some Favorite Films: The Evil Dead, The Wild Bunch, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Valley Girl, The Conversation, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, and of course… Star Wars – A New Hope.

James Teitelbaum
Chicago, Illinois
James Teitelbaum has been a film nerd since first becoming enraptured by a certain space fantasy as a young tot in the summer of 1977. Since then, his tastes have expanded to include both highbrow and lowbrow films made in all styles, at all time periods, in all nations, and at all budget levels.

James’ first film writing was for a science fiction magazine called Blue Harvest, which he co-published from 1993 to 2000. Since then he has written over five hundred film reviews, finally joining the Film Threat team in late 2008. He is also the author of several books in the realms of pop culture, nightlife, and travel, including Tiki Road Trip (2004 and 2007) and Big Stone Head (2009), plus articles for Playboy, American Heritage, Road Trip America, Alternative Press, and many other publications.

Felix Vasquez Jr.
Bronx, New York
Felix Vasquez Jr. was born and raised in Bronx New York, and is a freelance writer, and author currently at work on two novels. He’s written since he was thirteen, was almost published by Random House in 1998, and almost earned an art scholarship at nine years old. He’s a hardcore horror geek, and has an obsession with all things Superman and Star Wars. He’s contributed writing to various websites including the Superman Homepage, Neal Bailey.com, and Dread Central, and currently runs his own movie review website Cinema Crazed, which has been up since 1998. His hobbies include British comedy, celebrity impressions, sarcasm, and being a filthy liberal atheist. His favorite films are 12 Angry Men, Donnie Darko and anything Spielberg.

Mike Watt
Waynesburg, Pennsylvania
Having written for “Cinefantastique,” “Femme Fatales,” “The Dark Side,” “Alternative Cinema,” “Rue Morgue,” “CultCuts,” “Films in Review,” “Hollywood is Burning,” “Draculina” and “Sirens of the Cinema,” Mike Watt is a fairly new contributor to Film Threat (if he had his preference, he would be known as “Grand Vizier of Ultra-No-Budget Cinema”, though he suspects that title has already been taken). He works on a thirty-acre farm in Waynesburg, PA, where he wrote and produced the cult-short “Were-Grrl,” directed by Amy Lynn Best. He counts as one of his greatest achievements shooting his first feature “The Resurrection Game,” on film, cutting the entire movie on a Steenbeck and an upright Moviola, and hand-cutting the negative himself. This may very well be the last time this has ever been done. Please check out his personal sites, www.happycloudpictures.com and www.hollywoodisburning.com.

Brad Wilke
Seattle, Washington
Brad Wilke has been involved in the Seattle film community since completing his first short film, “Downsizing,” in 2002. Since then, he has written and directed a number of well-received short films and is currently working on two feature-length scripts. Brad has been writing reviews for Film Threat since September 2008 and also sits on the Seattle International Film Festival pre-screening committee and FutureWave Youth Shorts selection committee.

Hammad Zaidi
Los Angeles, California
Well, let’s see… I dropped out of my mom in 1968, I’m still breathing in 2010, and I’m watching my childhood dreams come true. Well…let’s go with most of my childhood dreams. I’m still short, with no Academy Award, and my beloved UCLA Bruins football team hasn’t won a national championship since 1954. I own Lonely Seal Releasing, a little Los Angeles based, international film and TV distribution company. “Lonely Seal” being a name that I’ve had since I was seven (my younger sister Mona came up with it). I’ve also produced, written and even directed a bit. In addition, I’ve judged/sponsored/been a panelist at several film festivals worldwide, and have been an adjunct professor and lecturer at various universities. Educationally speaking, I received my Masters of Fine Arts from UCLA School of Film and Television’s Producers Program in 1994 (that was heaven). On the more personal side, I love sports, I’m a Dr. Pepper freak, and I’m married to an amazing woman. Oh, yeah, I also have a disability – which is why I founded “Script Accessible,” a international screenwriting contest for writers with disabilities, as well as non-disabled writers who write about disabled characters. I’m currently housing “Script Accessible” at the Slamdance Film Festival Screenwriting Competition. So, that’s me. Feel free to contact me anytime, as I’d love hearing from you.
Rich Cline
London, England
Rich reviews films weekly for BBC Radio and various magazines and media outlets. His first gig as a film critic was to watch “Halloween II” and interview Jamie Lee Curtis afterwards. He’s been hooked to the job ever since … although it took awhile to make a living out of it. A native of Los Angeles, Rich moved to Britain in 1992 and founded Britain’s first film ezine (www.shadowsonthewall.co.uk). He’s also a member of the London Film Critics’ Circle and served as a jury member at the St. Louis International Film Festival three years running. It was at one of these that he met Chris Gore and volunteered to provide Film Threat with a European perspective. Rich is a freelance journalist so is available for hire to write on just about anything.

Clint Morris
Melbourne, Australia
Clint is the editor of the popular Moviehole website (www.moviehole.net). He has also written for various print outlets in both Australia and England, as well as hosted Radio and Television spots. Clint started his career in Advertising and Marketing – he has a business degree – but after getting a taste for a life in dull old marketing (at Disney mind you), jumped ship to become a journalist. These days, Clint spends most of his 10 hour days writing stories, interviewing talent and doing frivolous set-pieces, and when he’s got time helps out studios with acquisiton and casting work. As married as a Single man could be, Clint lives in Melbourne, Australia with his long-time girlfriend and original “Empire Strikes Back” bed sheets. His favorite movies include “St Elmos Fire”, “Star Wars”, “Say Anything”, “Scream” and “The Breakfast Club.” Clint describes his affiliation with Film threat as rewarding – Just having his name attached to such a high-calibre outlet so sparked the interest of many nymphette supermodels.